Top warm destinations to escape winter

Top warm destinations to escape winter

Who isn’t dreaming about a warm destination with a sunny beach and lush palm trees?

Currently, Canada is experiencing a cold snap and it’s hard to think about anything other than escaping somewhere warm. Travelling somewhere warm and humid can do wonders for your mental and physical health.
At this time of year, it is common to feel the effects of the cold temperatures on your bones, skin and hair. The lack of vitamin D can also play a role in decreased mental health.
Jetting off on a quick snowbird vacation is about much more than just getting a tan.
So what are your options for winter sun?

Here are our picks for top warm-weather destinations:

Hawaiiwarm destinations Hawaii

Hawaii is a great spot for guaranteed tropical energy, temperatures and humidity. Even just saying the word ‘Hawaii’ can evoke smells of sweet hibiscus and salty ocean breeze for some people.
Honolulu would be our top pick if you are looking for a bit of city to explore with your beach. Kona is a great option for the volcano adventurists. Kehei is a beach lovers’ dream, and Wailua is a perfect blend of lush jungle and untouched beaches.
On all of the islands, the ocean is the main draw and provides constant entertainment with unlimited snorkelling. We guarantee that it will be impossible to think about the cold weather back home as you are swimming through the warm waters and looking at majestic leatherback turtles and other amazing sea life.
Wherever you choose to go in Hawaii, there are two things that you are sure to experience: sunny days on the beach and amazingly fresh seafood barbecued to perfection.


warm destinations Mexico
If you really want to put your feet up and enjoy a week of rest and relaxation, Mexico is a good bet. All-inclusive resorts in Mexico are hard to beat. Just imagine sipping a pina colada with sand between your toes and warm sun cascading down upon you… that is Mexico!
All-inclusive resorts offer as much or as little entertainment and excursions as you wish. Because of this, they are great for families. Our top picks would be Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Puerto Morelos.


warm destinations Arizona
Arizona often skips peoples’ minds when they are thinking about winter sun, but it’s a great bet for escaping the cold. It is just a three-hour flight from Calgary to Phoenix, making Arizona a fantastic option if you have a limited amount of time.
There’s lots to see and do in Arizona that’s in addition to lounging by the pool. Northern Arizona is home to Antelope Canyon, which provides for some of the most stunning hikes in the world. Just South from there is the Sedona Desert, known for its transformational energy. And, of course, the Grand Canyon National Park in Northern Arizona can deliver endless days of adventure.


warm destinations Australia
Since Australia experiences their summer during our winter, now is the perfect time to visit. Getting to Australia will take some time, with the average flight time from Calgary around 20 hours. However, once you are there, you will forget all about the long flight time and become emersed in the laid-back, fun-loving Aussie culture.
If you have extended time for your warm destination holiday, Australia is a wonderful place to explore.
Australia is very large in size and covering a lot of ground can take time. We suggest flying into Sydney, exploring the city for a bit and then heading up the coast to the Gold Coast. You can fly in 1.5 hrs or rent a car and do a leisurely road trip up in around 9-10 hours. Along the way, you will pass some beautiful beach towns to break up your trip including Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay.
Don’t forget that the Australian dollar is almost on par with the Canadian dollar. Once you arrive, it will be easy to navigate your way around and relatively reasonable in price.

What kind of warm destination are you yearning for?

There are so many other warm destinations we could have added to the list such as Cuba, The Carribean, Jamaica or Morocco, but the best thing to do is to find out what it is that you yearn for in the winter months.
Everyone is different in what they look for on vacation and based on what you are looking for, our TierOne Travel Specialists are some of the best in the industry at suggesting destinations that match your needs.
Not sure where to go? Contact us today for some personalized suggestions.
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