The BEST Beaches in Baja, Mexico

The BEST Beaches in Baja, Mexico

Are you looking for the best beaches in Baja, Mexico, for your next beach vacation? You’re in the right place!

From the tip of Los Cabos with its luxurious hotels, up the Sea of Cortez (or the Gulf of California) with its hidden coves, and over to the surfing beaches of La Paz, Todos Santos, and all down the Pacific side, you could spend months exploring the abundance of beautiful beaches in Baja, Mexico. However, this blog will recommend the best of the best!

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Baja California Sur is a state located on the Baja California Peninsula on the West coast of Mexico. Baja California Sur is famous for its long coastline (2230 km), beautiful beaches, perfect desert weather, sparkling blue waters, charming towns, and abundant wildlife. 

But what are the absolute best Baja California Sur, Mexico beaches? Top-rated Baja Mexico beaches include Playa del Amor, Balandra Beach, Playa Santa Maria, and many more. These beaches offer you an oasis and a little slice of Mexican paradise away from crowds. These Baja Mexico beaches have something for everyone, from the windswept and wild to the lively or energetic. 

With so many Baja Mexico beaches to select from, deciding which ones to visit might be difficult. To help you, we’ve compiled a list of the best beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico, so you can prepare to dig your toes into the sand and soak in the sun.  

Are you ready to hit the beach? Let’s get started!

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Why is Baja California Sur, Mexico a Perfect Beach destination?

Baja California Sur is the second-smallest state in Mexico. The Pacific Ocean lies to the west, and the Sea of Cortez (the Gulf of California) is to the east. Located at the southernmost end of Baja, Cabo San Lucas is also the most popular tourist destination in Mexico. Each year, it welcomes millions of visitors. The lovely capital of Baja California Sur, La Paz, is located in a natural bay with ideal surfing conditions located nearby. 

Baja California Sur, Mexico, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches. Playa del Amor, or Lovers Beach near Cabos, offers a secluded and romantic getaway. The shallow cove of Playa Balandra Beach near La Paz with tranquil waters is ideal for kayaking and paddle boarding. Medano Beach in Cabo San Lucas is well-known for its variety of aquatic sports and exquisite seafood specialties. And the windsurfing beaches of La Ventana are unlike anything else! You will find golden sand beaches and turquoise waters all along the Baja coast, making it a perfect beach destination.

If you’re traveling from the United States or Canada, there are direct flights right into Los Cabos International Airport. You can use private shuttle services or public transport to reach your destination, and car rentals are also available. 

Best Time to Visit Baja Mexico Beaches 

We think that the best time to explore Baja California Sur, Mexico, is from October to May. The weather usually is mild to warm during these months, making it perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, kayaking, surfing, and swimming. During this time, water temperatures are warmer, making Baja Mexico beaches perfect for visiting and enjoying numerous water sports. 

During these months, you can expect clear skies with lower humidity, making it a fantastic time to experience Baja California Sur’s natural treasures. It is necessary to keep in mind that temperatures might drop drastically in the evenings. Therefore, pack some warm clothing for the eveenings.

 Discover more about the breathtaking Baja Mexico beaches in this complete guide below.

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Best Beaches Near La Paz

Playa Balandra

Let’s begin with one of the most popular Baja Mexico beaches, Balandra Beach! Located 30 minutes from La Paz, Balandra Beach is a picture-perfect crescent-shaped bay. 

Playa Balandra is famous for its powder-soft sand, rolling red mountains, and gradient of azure hues. The Isla Espirito Santo is located just offshore, adding to the picturesque view. Balandra Beach is also famous for Stone Stoop, a mushroom-shaped rock.

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Balandra Beach is a favorite among international and local tourists because of its serene, crystal-clear waters. The calm shallow waters are perfect for SUP boarding, swimming, kayaking, and snorkeling. Here, there are few vendors and no facilities, but you can rent kayaks and relax under palapas set on the beach. 

The beach is rich with aquatic life, so you may even see amazing underwater creatures like triggerfish, sardines, and dartfish swimming in the pristine waters of Balandra Beach. 

The mushroom rock formation, EL Hongo, is another natural wonder of Mexico on this magical beach, so don’t forget to visit it.

The best time to visit Playa Balandra is from June to October, when winter temperatures drop below 68°F/20°C. September has the highest rainfall.

El Tecolote Beach

Playa El Tecolote, located on the northernmost point of the Baja California Peninsula, is just as beautiful as Playa Balandra but offers a few more services. Near White Sand Beach, there are a few restaurants and shops where you can rent sports gear.

Playa Tecolote offers some of the best coastline views, including stunning islands like the well-known Espiritu Santo Island, a World Heritage Site.

El Tecolote Beach is particularly ideal for visitors looking for a beach day trip from adjacent locations like Cabo San Lucas or La Paz.

Several water sports activities, including jet skiing, paddle boarding, and kayaking, are quite popular on El Tecolote Beach, in addition to sunbathing and strolls along the shore.

The best time to visit Tecolote Beach is from November to March after the rain stops. You should also be aware because it is the peak season, costs may be slightly higher at this time.

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Playa El Coromuel

Playa El Coromuel is one of the most accessible and popular Baja Mexico beaches near La Paz. The pristine beauty, close proximity to the city, and abundance of facilities make El Coromuel an ideal location for a relaxing beach trip. 

If you just want to relax and enjoy the tranquil views, El Coromuel is a great option. You will definitely love a long stretch of golden sand lined with small palapas, its alluring low tidewaters, and the magnificent boardwalk.

The beach offers a variety of exciting outdoor activities, restaurants, bathrooms, parking lots, palm umbrellas, and free palapas.

With its proximity to La Paz, exciting activities, and great facilities, Playa El Coromuel is a great place you must visit.

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Best Beaches in Los Cabos

Los Cabos welcomes visitors to a paradise where tranquility, beauty, and adventure combine to create an unforgettable experience. Its crystal clear waters, beautiful desert landscape, and awe-inspiring beaches offer a sanctuary to those looking for a relaxing escape from the hectic humdrum of daily life. From the historic San Jose del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas, there are several lively and remote beaches to explore.

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Chileno Beach

Los Cabos beaches are not exactly known for their swimmable beaches. Many of the Baja Mexico beaches are unsafe for swimming due to high surf and ripe tides, but Chileno Beach is one of the few beaches in Los Cabos that is ideal and safe for swimming. It is a Blue Flag beach in Mexico because of its beauty and cleanliness. 

Situated along the tourist route, Playa Chileno features a long stretch of white and golden sand and rocky outcrop views that keep it safe and protected. The lovely beach is also home to some of the most luxurious hotels. 

Snorkeling is one of the most exciting activities along the Playa Chileno. You can camp at one of the palapas bordering the beach. Other amenities include a paved parking lot, restrooms, and showers.

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Playa Santa Maria

Playa Santa Maria is one of the rare swimmable Baja Mexico beaches in Los Cabos. Rocky outcrops and an offshore reef protect Playa Santa Maria from the crashing waves. 

You can enjoy swimming in the serene blue waters at the beach. The shallow beachfront makes it an ideal location for kids. You can snorkel over reefs at both ends of this alluring horseshoe cove, where sea turtles and manta rays hang out. You can also participate in other water sports activities like parasailing. 

The beach amenities are located close to the entrance. There are several food stalls where you can enjoy your meals. The beachfront also features picnic tables there.   

From Cabo San Lucas Marina, you can easily drive to Santa Maria. You can alternatively take a taxi or the local bus system to get there.

Palmilla Beach

If you want to escape the bustling crowds and hop in the water to swim, visit Palmilla Beach, a beautiful Blue Flag beach. Playa Palmilla in Los Cabos draws day trippers and sunbathers to stroll along the beautiful white sand and jump into the turquoise waters to swim safely, thanks to protected cove shelters. 

Swimmers, snorkelers, and sunbathers will all find heaven in this breathtaking small bay. During the busy season, it is a popular location for boat day trips to take passengers swimming.

These are the sands you want to place your body onto if you are seeking some privacy and solitude. Due to the lack of beach vendors, you should pack your snacks and drinks for the day.

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Playa del Amor (Lover’s Beach)

Playa del Amor, one of the most well-known Baja Mexico beaches, is nestled adjacent to the famous El Arco rock formation in Cabo San Lucas. It is an intimate location that stands up to its name and is where you can breathe a vibe of tranquility and peace because it is surrounded by a desert flora packed with cacti.

Only a panga (small boat) can get you to Playa del Amor, and from there, you can see the beach’s main attraction, the Arch, where the Pacific Ocean joins the Sea of Cortez.

You can engage in water activities, explore the biodiversity, and capture breathtaking panoramic images of this exceptional and enchanting sanctuary at Playa del Amor. It serves as a sanctuary for sea lions.

Playa Divorcio, famous for its strong riptides and dangerous surf, is located on the opposite side of Playa del Amor. Just be careful not to cross over the beach. 

The winter months of November through May are ideal for visiting and experiencing the ambiance of Hidden Beach. At this time, you can participate in a variety of watersports, enjoy the lovely weather, and see whales.

Medano Beach

Playa El Médano is one of the most popular Baja Mexico beaches, drawing swarms of sunbathers with its clear blue waves and abundance of beachfront watering holes. 

Medano Beach offers a variety of activities, such as jet skiing, beach volleyball, boogie boarding, kayaking, and parasailing, in addition to relaxing with a drink. You can go on a jet ski excursion or navigate the waves in a kayak. Get ready for a surge of national and international beverages and delectable seafood as the sandy area offers world-class services. 

Another appealing feature of the beach is the panoramic vistas of the stone formation of Land’s End, notably El Arco.

The international airport in Cabo San Lucas makes it easier for travelers worldwide to access the city’s beaches and other attractions.

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Playa Migrino

The Playa Migrino beach is located along the Pacific Ocean close to Cabo San Lucas. The shoreline is well-known for its exceptional whale-watching activity.

Whales can be seen here, especially in the winter. The beach also offers other entertaining activities, such as horseback riding along the sands. You can also participate in ATV-guided trips, where tour guides will show you the beach and the neighborhood.

The shoreline is unsuitable for swimming due to the pounding surf. But for surfers, this makes it ideal. Beach umbrellas are available at the beachfront, where you can relax and enjoy the views.

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Best Beaches in San Jose del Cabo

Playa Acapulquito

Playa Acapulquito, aka the Old Man’s Beach, is a tiny but stunning stretch of sand located just a few kilometers south of San Jose del Cabo. 

The beach is a famous surfing location for beginners because of its constant and steady waves. If you want to enjoy swimming, visit here during late winter and early spring when the waters get calmer.   

Playa Acapulquito features dining and accommodation options. You can hire a surf instructor and rent an umbrella in the Cabo Surf Hotel. 

Once you have mastered surfing in Acapulquito, you can go to the Zippers and Rock, the most well-known surfing locations in Cabo.

Costa Azul Beach

Costa Azul Beach, one of the most beautiful Baja Mexico beaches, is a long stretch of sand with crashing azure waves and breathtaking mountain views. The beach is the hotel zone of San Jose del Cabo, with a bulge of waterfront resorts, small boutique shops, and restaurants. 

If you visit the Costa Azul in the winter, when the waves are much calmer, this is the ideal location to pick up snorkel gear and explore what is beneath the water. It is also a great time to swim and enjoy the tranquility and solitude before the surfers arrive. 

The best time to explore Costa Azul is June when the World Surf League organizes its famous Los Cabos Open of Surf at Zippers. Surfers adore this beach because of the offshore expert-level reef. There are two further breaks on the beach. But even if you’re not a surfer, Costa Azul is filled with beauty and endless activities.  

Playa Hotelera

Playa Hotelera is a long strip of soft golden sand that makes up the hotel zone and waterfront of San Jose del Cabo. Despite the row of hotels, the beach is rarely congested. It offers plenty of space for strolls, fishing, horseback riding, and sunbathing.

Playa Hotelera is not good for swimming because of the rip tides, steep drop-offs, and heavy surf (especially in the summer). Certain hotels allow non-guests to use their facilities and pools if they buy a day pass.

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Best Beaches in Todos Santos

Todos Santos is located between the Pacific Ocean and the mountain range of Sierra de Laguna. It has a long stretch of lonely golden sands minutes from the city center. 

Throughout the year, as the waves are too strong for swimming, it is ideal for skilled surfers, skimboarding, and relaxing beach walks. Sunsets are very stunning all year. Todos Santos is a Pueblo Mágico, or magical town, offering visitors an incredibly exceptional experience. 

Playa La Cachora

La Cachora is primarily a surfing beach. It is located near Todos Santos’ downtown but still welcomes very few visitors. Its beautiful white sand and turquoise waters make it the best place to unwind and enjoy breathtaking views.

The best feature of Playa La Cachora is the whale-watching activity. You can also spot gray whales, humpbacks, and jumping rays right off the beach!

You can reach this wonderful location from Todos Santos by foot, car, or bike. As the road is a little tricky, it is rarely traveled.

La Cachora is undoubtedly worth a trip, whether you want to escape from the crowded region or simply spend some time in paradise.

Playa Los Cerritos

If you’re visiting the artistic town of Todos Santos, Playa Los Cerritos is a must-see destination. This beach, near El Pescadero, just south of Todos Santos, is renowned for its expansive stretch of golden sand, calm waves for novice swimmers and surfers, and whales.

There are plenty of old, shaded trees along the beach to provide shade. The beach offers swimming-friendly waters that are perfectly clear and a fantastic view of underwater marine life.

Playa Los Cerritos is home to some delightful restaurants and bars, so you won’t need to break from your fun activities to get something to eat or drink.

Just remember that Los Cerritos Beach gets congested during the summer, especially during the midday hours, due to its popularity.

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Punta Lobos

If you’re looking for beautiful ocean views in Todos Santos, Punta Lobos is the perfect place.  

Here, you can see the fishermen unloading their daily catch and residents rushing the boats to buy fresh fish, all while young pelicans and gulls watch in a frenzy—waiting their turn to snag some leftovers!

Looking to spice up your beach day with some adventure? Punta Lobos is a great place for snorkeling and exploring the underwater world. Be careful! The undertow is always strong.

When bodyboarding, surfing, or swimming, you must be careful. Bring your camera with you no matter how you spend your time here so you can capture the stunning views!

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Best Beaches in La Ventana

Located 30 minutes from La Paz, La Ventana is a small village named after the region’s frequent high winds.

La Ventana has recently become one of the most popular kitesurfing locations worldwide. Furthermore, this amazing location is surrounded by a variety of attractions, and gorgeous beaches and bays!

Punta Arena

If you’re looking for a remote beach, Punta Arena is a perfect spot. Located 35 minutes from La Ventana, Punta Arena is an isolated white sand beach. 

The beach remains calm and offers exceptional diving and snorkeling in brilliantly clear turquoise waters. It is only accessible via rough dirt roads. 

You can find diverse species of vibrant fish, dolphins, and even flying mobula rays in the ocean. They may jump as high as six feet out of the water from November through January and late April through July, most frequently just before sunset. You will enjoy it here too if you enjoy beachcombing because beautiful seashells are strewn across the sand. You should bring your own food, beverages, and other supplies because there are no facilities.

Best Beaches in Baja California Sur, Mexico

Best Beaches in Los Barriles

Tucked away along the East Cape, Los Barriles is a town with miles of stunning beaches facing the Sea of Cortez. The large Las Palmas Bay and its beautiful beaches are located at the other end of the town, directly across from the highway entry.

Windsurfing and sailboarding are the most popular activities for tourists in Los Barriles, especially between March and December when the winds are ideal. Sportfishing is another famous activity there.

The best way to visit Los Barriles and its beaches is by renting a quad.

Playa Los Barriles

Playa Los Barriles is one of the best beaches in the Baja California Sur region. It is located just 0.5 kilometers away from downtown Los Barriles. This lovely beach in the southern region of Baja is a secluded and intimate place.

Since Los Barriles is widely regarded as the marlin center of the world, thousands of professional fishermen travel there between May and October to participate in international fishing competitions.

Between December and March, the most popular activities in Playa Los Barriles are kiteboarding and windsurfing. You can have a drink or a tasty snack without leaving the sand because there are small hotels and bars close to the beach.

Final Thoughts about the Best Baja Beaches

Baja California Sur, Mexico, boasts an endless stretch of sandy beaches. From the golden sand and crystal clear waters of Medano Beach to the rocky coves and magnificent views of Playa Balandra, each of the best 17 Baja Mexico beaches on this list has its own unique charm and enchantment.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Baja California Sur, Mexico, make sure to include these stunning beaches in your travel plans and enjoy the natural splendor and vibrant culture of this region. Have a blast!


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