Celebrating 30 Years of Excellence: Tier One Travel’s Milestone Celebration

Tier One Travel recently had the honor of celebrating a significant milestone at the breathtaking Spruce Meadows: Tier One Travel’s 30th anniversary! On Sunday, June 16th 2024, Tier One Travel consultants, staff, and valued suppliers all gathered together in a Skybox at Calgary’s beautiful Spruce Meadows to commemorate our 30th anniversary. Together, we enjoyed Spruce […]

Packing List: Europe

Is a European adventure in your future? Be sure to pack all the essentials of a great trip with this proven packing list

View from the top – hiking in Hawaii

Sometimes when we take a step back and view things from above, we get a whole new perspective. That’s definitely the case when it comes to Hawaii. The beautiful, clean beaches, surf, and island culture of Hawaii is mesmerizing for most travellers (including myself) however, that’s not all that the island has to offer by […]

Which Caribbean island is right for you?

Caribbean islands

With over 7000 islands in the Caribbean we get this question a lot – which Caribbean island should I choose? There is no hard and fast rule. In almost every island in the Caribbean you will find beautiful beaches, friendly people, warm weather and of course turquoise blue waters. In saying that, each island is […]

How to fly like a pro

fly like a pro

We’ve all been there; the calendar count down is up, you’re feeling and looking great, ready for your vacation and you step on the plane, only to land in your final destination, feeling not so like yourself and less than eager to jump into your beachwear. Good news! It doesn’t have to be that way. […]

Travel Specialist Spotlight with LaurieLee Rosser

TierOne Travel

As we continue on our journey of introducing our amazing team of travel specialist at TierOne Travel, I am proud to present LaurieLee Rosser. LaurieLee has been in the travel industry since 1978, she has seen it all and continues to love travelling and helping her clients see the most beautiful places on earth. To […]

TierOne Travel Specialist Spotlight With Melanie Hersom

TierOne Travel

As we continue our TierOne Travel series, I am continuously inspired by our amazing team and this week is no exception. I am pleased to Introducing Melanie Hersom. Melanie has been working in the travel industry for 36 years, after dreaming about it as a little girl. How does she stay motivated? To her it’s […]

TierOne Travel Specialist Spotlight With Angela Kibsey

TierOne Travel Specialist Series

In continuation of our TierOne Travel Specialist series, I would like to introduce another member of our talented team Angela Kibsey. When I was interviewing with Angela, I could not help myself but smile, as her profile almost brought tears to my eyes! This is a travel specialist that loves to help others and is […]

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