Get Your Groove Back at a Couples Resort

Relaxing at a couples resort.

There’s Nothing Like a Romantic Couples Resort to Recharge Your Love Life Give your romance a boost at a couples resort in the Maldives. Whether you’ve been dating for a while, are newlyweds or you’re an old married couple, you will fall in love all over again on this incredible island nation. Located in the […]

Exotic Destinations for Engagements

Are you ready to pop the big question, but not sure where to do it? With all of the beautiful places in the world, it can be hard to decide on one place to host the most important moment in the history of your relationship — your engagement. If you and your partner like to […]

All You Need to Know About Travelling to Tahiti

Travelling to Tahiti is all that you have dreamt of, and more. Tahiti must be one of the most photographed travel destinations in the world. Its white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, lush jungle and unique culture really make it like no other destination.  Before you visit, it’s nice to get some clarity around the […]

TierOne Travel presented with Ensemble Top Producer award in Morocco

TierOne Travel has been recognized once again as an Ensemble Elite Top Producer. The awards were presented to Shelley Ewing, Owner & President and Shelley Parry, General Manager in beautiful Marrakech, Morocco. The annual event took place on June 3 – 9, 2018 where the highest-producing Ensemble partner agencies from Canada and the US joined […]

How to choose the right African safari for you

African Safari

Safari package options are as vast as the land that they travel. If you have ever planned a safari, you know that the offerings are jam-packed with amazing opportunities, which is one of the biggest reasons that safaris are truly a bucket list item. Just like every traveller, every safari is different. Many factors go […]

Packing Checklist – Exotic Destinations

packing checklist

Over the past four weeks, we have been talking about exotic destinations Hawaii and Southeast Asia. If you’re feeling inspired and ready to sit back and relax into vacation mode, print out this exotic destination packing checklist and you won’t forget a thing! Packing Checklist – Exotic Destinations Click here to print the packing checklist 

Which Caribbean island is right for you?

Caribbean islands

With over 7000 islands in the Caribbean we get this question a lot – which Caribbean island should I choose? There is no hard and fast rule. In almost every island in the Caribbean you will find beautiful beaches, friendly people, warm weather and of course turquoise blue waters. In saying that, each island is […]

Below the surface in Micronesia


Scattered over the Western Pacific Ocean is approximately 2,100 islands that make up stunning Micronesia. If we were to combine all of these tiny islands together, we wouldn’t get much land mass, but what we would get, is a stunning coastline with white sandy beaches and coral reefs unlike no other. Micronesia offers a diverse […]

Bucket list hotels for an unforgettable couples getaway

Couples travel

Couples travel for experience. An experience together that they will never forget. We often hear that couples are looking to ‘getaway from it all’ and ‘reconnect.’ What does that mean? Well, to us as travel specialists, we have come to realized that travel has an amazing, almost magical ability to bring people together and strengthen […]

Unique exotic spa treatments from around the world

exotic spas

Are you ready for some pampering on your next vacation?  Of course!   A trip to the spa is a common request for most travellers. But, when presented with a list of traditional treatments from your exotic destination, it’s sometimes hard to know what luxurious experience you’re in for. We have compiled a list of […]

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