The best kid-friendly cities in Europe

kid-friendly cities in Europe

Memories are made from creating and experiencing new things, and there is no shortage of opportunities for that in Europe. If your kids like to explore and as parents, you like culture and history, then Europe has a ton of destinations for your family. While there are lots of places to go, and things to […]

Traveling Europe as a solo traveler

solo traveler

Traveling solo is a nourishing experience for the soul. Feeding your passions, you will learn self discovery, independence and most of all a relaxation like no other. If you have travelled alone before you know what I am talking about. If not, this just might be your year to try it. As a solo traveler […]

Popular European Destinations and the Best Times of the Year to Visit

Europe travel

Europe’s topography is as rich and diverse as its history and traditions. Europe’s mountains are bigger than any found in the Continental U.S. and as big as any found in Alaska. Its beaches compare to any of those found in California or Florida. Its rolling hills and plains and plateaus are post-card perfect. A land […]