Sail Around-the-World on the Best World Cruises

Sail Around-the-World on the Best World Cruises

Embark on an extraordinary journey of a lifetime as you set sail on an around-the-world cruise, exploring the globe’s most breathtaking destinations and immersing yourself in the unique diverse cultures of the world. Head out on an epic voyage that transcends the ordinary, where every port of call unveils UNESCO World Heritage Sites, iconic wonders, and the hidden gems that make our world truly remarkable.

In this blog, we’ll explain all about the best cruise lines the cruise industry has to offer and will guide you through the best world cruise experiences and the top cruise lines that make these dreams a reality.

Discover the allure of a comprehensive world cruise, seamlessly connecting ports of call in an adventure that promises unparalleled luxury and unique experiences.

best world cruises

If you’re thinking of booking your first world cruise, don’t forget to contact a Tier One Travel Consultant who will help you every step of the way. Embark on this luxury cruise experience, where every moment is an opportunity to embrace the extraordinary! Come aboard and explore the wonders of the planet, from the great wonders of the world to lesser-known but equally incredible destinations.

Keep reading to explore some of the best world cruise itineraries, showcasing the best choices for those seeking an unforgettable journey. From sea days that offer moments of tranquillity to vibrant encounters with local cultures, this is more than a vacation—it’s an immersive experience of a lifetime.

best world cruises
Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises stands out for its commitment to providing a refined yet relaxed cruising experience.

With a diverse range of itineraries, passengers can explore the world in an atmosphere that balances elegance with approachability. The cruise line is celebrated for its exceptional dining options, engaging entertainment, and a focus on creating memorable moments at sea. Check out their amazing around-the-world cruising departing in 2024 and 2025.

best world cruises

2024 World Cruise – From Los Angeles or Ft. Lauderdale

Embark on an unforgettable 111-day world cruise aboard Island Princess, departing from either Fort Lauderdale or Los Angeles. This extraordinary journey spans 51 destinations across 27 countries and six continents, promising a truly immersive experience.

Delight in extended exploration with More Ashore Late-Night stays in 11 ports, along with an overnight sojourn in Dubai. Elevating the adventure, they’ve introduced 12 new ports, including sought-after Bali (Benoa), Naples (for Capri & Pompeii), Genoa (for Milan), and Lisbon.

Expand your horizons and make every moment of this roundtrip cruise a chapter in the story of a lifetime.

2024 World Cruise – From Sydney, Brisbane, and Auckland

Embark on the Coral Princess for an extraordinary 110-day Australia-based World Cruise, visiting iconic destinations across six continents, including Scandinavia, the Baltic, Iceland, and South America, with a notable transit through the Panama Canal.

Explore 47 destinations in 32 countries, enjoy seven maiden calls, and experience overnight stays in New York and Lima (Callao). Make the most of eight late-night stays in cities like Barcelona, Berlin (Warnemunde), Boston, Copenhagen, and Tahiti (Papeete).

Immerse yourself in diverse cultures and landscapes on this unparalleled world adventure.

best world cruises

2025 World Cruise From Los Angeles or Ft. Lauderdale

Embark on Princess Cruises’ longest cruise yet in January 2025, as the Island Princess launches a monumental 116-day roundtrip World Cruise departing from both Ft. Lauderdale and Los Angeles.

Explore 51 destinations in 26 countries across 6 continents during this extraordinary adventure. This voyage includes inaugural visits to the historic Bar in Montenegro and Taranto in Italy.

Additionally, for the first time in their North American World Cruises, experience enchanting stops at the idyllic Greek islands of Patmos and Volos, the latter known for the Monasteries of Meteora.

best world cruises

2025 World Cruise – From Auckland, Brisbane and Sydney

Embark on a captivating 113-day journey aboard the Crown Princess, the biggest Princess ship ever to host a World Cruise. This grand adventure spans 49 destinations in 28 countries across six continents, encompassing Asia, Indonesia, the Mediterranean, Northern Europe (with two ports in Greenland), the Americas, and the South Pacific.

Covering over 33,500 miles, the 2025 itinerary showcases numerous UNESCO World Heritage sites and other must-see attractions, promising an unforgettable exploration of the world’s diverse and enchanting landscapes.

best world cruises

Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises epitomizes luxury with a mid-sized fleet, offering a distinctive culinary journey and immersive destination experiences.

Renowned for its gourmet dining, the cruise line’s emphasis on destination exploration takes passengers to both iconic and off-the-beaten-path ports.

The onboard atmosphere is sophisticated, catering to those who appreciate fine cuisine and cultural enrichment.

best world cruises
Around the World in 180 Days – Los Angeles to New York City

Immerse yourself in a world cruise itinerary that offers enticing opportunities to elevate your travel experience with Oceania Cruises. With 24 overnight stops in sought-after global destinations, you’ll have ample time to explore at your own pace, savor leisurely dinners ashore, and visit iconic UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Whether indulging in the island culture of French Polynesia, embarking on a majestic desert safari in Dubai, or marveling at Iceland’s dramatic glacial and volcanic landscapes, this extraordinary voyage provides moments that resonate with meaning and lasting memories.

best world cruises
2025 Around The World

Oceania is elevating their 2025 Around the World cruise to new heights of grandeur and luxury is the lavish Exclusive Prestige Package. This comprehensive package encompasses invaluable amenities, including Free Laundry Services, a Free Visa Package, and Free Shoreside Events, among others.

Transform your voyage of a lifetime into an even more unforgettable experience with 2 for 1 Cruise Fares, Free First-Class Roundtrip Airfare, and a wealth of additional amenities: complimentary Shore Excursions valued up to US$9,800, Free Champagne, Wine, and more, along with Free Gourmet Specialty Dining and Unlimited WiFi.

best world cruises


Viking Ocean Cruises redefines luxury with a focus on cultural enrichment and destination immersion. The cruise line’s modern Scandinavian design sets a tone of understated elegance, and its smaller ships create an intimate setting.

Passengers enjoy inclusive amenities, well-curated shore excursions, and a commitment to providing a more profound connection to the places visited.

best world cruises

Embark on a global adventure, exploring six continents and indulging in vibrant marine life in the Caribbean. Traverse the iconic Panama Canal, immerse yourself in Costa Rica’s rainforests, and pay homage to World War II history at the USS Arizona Memorial.

Cross the International Date Line and witness a travel milestone. Marvel at New Zealand’s fjords, experience Māori traditions, see the UNESCO-listed Sydney Opera House, and encounter the Komodo dragon. Explore French colonial influences in Ho Chi Minh City, admire Mumbai’s temples, and savor the grandeur of the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel. Conclude your journey with the treasures of Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia and more remarkable discoveries.

best world cruises

Holland America Line

Combining classic elegance with contemporary amenities, Holland America Line offers a premium cruising experience.

The cruise line boasts an extensive art collection, outstanding culinary offerings, and engaging enrichment programs. Passengers can expect refined comfort, attentive service, and the opportunity to explore the world with a touch of sophistication.

best world cruises
Grand World Voyages Cruises

Embark on a one-of-a-kind journey with Holland America Line Grand Voyages. Connect deeply with every destination, savor exquisite cuisine, and enjoy exclusive entertainment. Embark on the inaugural Grand Voyage: Pole-to-Pole, traversing the globe from south to north. Alternatively, opt for an east-to-west route across six continents, unveiling a mix of islands, cities, and landscapes.

Embark on a Holland America world cruise and witness the highlights: Cape Town’s stunning scenery and vibrant cultural offerings, Bora-Bora’s captivating marine life and crystal-clear waters, Tokyo’s bustling metropolis with its dynamic blend of shops and museums, and Colombo’s rich history as a vital trading post for over two millennia. These destinations provide a snapshot of the diverse experiences awaiting you on this extraordinary journey.

best world cruises

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean International is a major player in the cruise industry, known for its innovation and entertainment options.

With a fleet of large and innovative ships, passengers can experience a plethora of onboard activities, from rock climbing and ice skating to Broadway-style shows. The cruise line appeals to those seeking a dynamic and adventurous vacation at sea.

best world cruises
The Ultimate World Cruise

Prepare for a transformative exploration as we unveil the Ultimate World Cruise aboard Serenade of the Seas. With a remarkable 274-night journey, you’ll forge lasting connections with fellow explorers while traversing all seven continents. Alternatively, embark on one of the four immersive segments of the Ultimate World Cruise, each spanning 60+ nights, allowing you to delve deeply into specific corners of the globe.

Immerse yourself in diverse cultures, absorb the breathtaking landscapes, and marvel at World Wonders that reflect the limitless creativity of humankind. This voyage promises a unique perspective on the world, inviting you to see it in a whole new light with Royal Caribbean!

best world cruises


Silversea world cruises epitomize ultra-luxury, offering an intimate and personalized experience. With spacious suites, gourmet dining, and all-inclusive packages, the cruise line caters to discerning travelers. Exclusive access to unique destinations and a commitment to exceptional service make Silversea a top choice for those seeking the pinnacle of luxury at sea.

best world cruises
Far East-West – World Cruise 2024

Embark on the Silver Shadow and set sail on what might be Silversea’s most thrilling World Cruise to date! This 132-day round trip departing from San Francisco promises to be your most extensive and adventurous World Cruise yet. With 65 ports, 14 countries, 7 routes and with Silversea, everything is included.

best world cruises
Controtempo – World Cruise 2025

Step aboard the Silver Dawn and embark on a distinctive World Cruise that ventures into the world off-season, off-tempo, and off the beaten path. Transform into a traveler rather than a tourist as you navigate a journey opening windows to unexpected moments in iconic destinations.

Covering 136 days, and spanning 59 destinations, Silversea’s World Cruise 2025 promises an extraordinary and unique experience.

best world cruises
The Curious and the Sea- World Cruise 2026

Embark on an unparalleled adventure in 2026, uncovering the genuine beauty and boundless wonders of the world. This journey of a lifetime will lead you through distant lands, diverse traditions, and exquisite cuisines across six continents. Embark on an exceptional journey to rarely visited destinations, including Easter Island, Nuku’alofa, Atuona, and the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Fakarava in French Polynesia.

Explore the diverse coasts of Australia, iconic Greek and Turkish islands, and the Mediterranean’s Holy Land. Visit charming medieval cities like Dubrovnik, Hvar, and Kotor, and discover romantic Italian cities such as Siracusa and Trapani in Sicily. Immerse yourself in the ancient markets of Tunis in North Africa. This voyage promises an extraordinary exploration of captivating and less-explored places.

best world cruises

Cunard Line

Cunard Line, with its storied history and iconic ocean liners, represents the epitome of timeless luxury. Synonymous with transatlantic crossings, Cunard offers a refined experience with formal evenings, traditional British afternoon tea, and a sense of grandeur on board. Passengers can relive the golden age of ocean travel while enjoying modern comforts.

best world cruises
2025 New York To Southampton, 98 Nights

Spend 98 nights on Queen Anne during her maiden World Voyage, starting in New York and sailing to enticing destinations, such as San Francisco, Samoa, Sydney, and Egypt’s iconic Suez Canal.

Cunard world cruises come with a range of perks, including a welcome reception, a commemorative gift, cocktail parties, a gala dinner ashore, the assistance of a World Voyage concierge, and access to a private lounge. Additionally, daily gratuities are covered!

best world cruises
Regent Seven Seas Cruises

Regent Seven Seas Cruises defines luxury through its all-inclusive approach, providing spacious suites, gourmet dining, and personalized service. With the inclusion of excursions and pre-cruise stays, passengers can immerse themselves in the world’s most captivating destinations.

The cruise line is dedicated to offering a truly indulgent and worry-free experience at sea.

best world cruises
2025 World Cruise – Away in Wonder

Embarking on an extraordinary and unique journey, the Seven Seas Mariner for the 2025 World Cruise will set sail from Miami to San Francisco. Highlights of this remarkable journey include 150 wondrous nights, starting on January 7, 2025.

The Seven Seas Mariner will traverse three oceans, visit five continents, explore 25 countries, and dock at 97 ports of call, promising an unparalleled experience for all travelers.

best world cruises
2026 World Cruise – The Sense of Adventure

Embark on an unparalleled, all-inclusive journey that will ignite your wanderlust. Set sail from Miami aboard the elegant Seven Seas Mariner in 2026 for a 154-night circumnavigation of the globe.

Luxuriously explore three oceans, six continents, over 40 countries, and more than 75 ports of call, including 16 in-port overnights and countless shore excursions.

Join Regent for a personalized adventure as they navigate the world, allowing you to engage and explore to your heart’s content.

best world cruises

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