Dive deep into adventures where the activity options are endless, enriching, and will leave you with memories that will stay with you forever!

Seek out adrenaline rushes, fascinating cultures and immersive experiences beyond the usual tourist sights! These types of tours are becoming increasingly popular, and the types of travelers that love Adventure Travel are motivated chiefly by “new experiences”, and that they want “to travel like a local.”

Does this sound right up your own alley?

If so, here are some amazing Adventure and Culture experiences from around the world:

  • Attend ancient festivals in Bhutan and Ethiopia
  • Share tea with nomad families in their homes in Mongolia. Stay in a Ger (a traditional Mongolian circular teepee) and help them with the chores that come with living off the land.
  • Learn about Sami reindeer herders in Lapland
  • Hike the famous Inca Trail

These are just a few of the many, many ways you can enjoy Adventure Travel.

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Northwest Territories with Anderson Vacations

Along the Arctic coast of Canada lies the Northwest Territories, rightfully claiming to be one of the most untamed landscapes on earth! This hidden corner of Canada is home to some of the highest waterfalls, the deepest lakes, as well as the famed Northwest Passage.

Jasper Vacation Packages Anderson Vacations

On a rail journey from Edmonton to Jasper, you can trace the routes taken by the early explorers. From the Town of Jasper, embark on an adventure tour along the Athabasca Glacier, go on an Ice Walk in the Maligne Canyon, go stargazing at Maligne Lake and take a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snowy forest at Maligne After the trip, leave with a new appreciation for winter in Alberta’s Rocky Mountains.

Anderson Vacations VIA Rail

In order to provide travellers with inspired itineraries that blend the wonder of rail travel with the must-see attractions of well-known Canadian sites, Anderson Vacations has teamed up with VIA Rail. 

Fall Colours in Quebec with Anderson Vacations

With Anderson Vacations, travellers can explore the fall colours in Québec, on this seven-day tour. Highlights of the tour include: Montréal City Tour – Québec City Tour – Parc National Jacques Cartier fall colours – Montmorency Falls – St. Lawrence River Cruise and more!

Rocky Mountains with Anderson Vacations

The Rocky Mountains are a gorgeous mountain range with stunning peaks, clean lakes, and an abundance of species. Any tour to this area with Anderson Vacations will undoubtedly leave you with lifelong memories of adventure.


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