Is WestJet a Good Airline? 2024 Flight Travel Guide

Is WestJet a Good Airline? 2024 Flight Travel Guide

Planning your first-time travel or looking for a better flight option for your next adventure? Look no further! WestJet delivers great service to its passengers flying all over the world.


Canadian airline WestJet Airlines Ltd. has its headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, located not far from Calgary International Airport. It operates an average of 777 flights per day and carries more than 66,130 people, making it the second-largest airline in Canada, after Air Canada. With a reputation for providing top-notch services, WestJet prides itself on delivering an experience that goes beyond just getting you from point A to B.

If you desire an overall experience that seamlessly combines a good deal, friendly service, and comfortable travel, WestJet emerges as one of the best airline options. Whether you’re embarking on a long flight or hopping between major cities, flying with WestJet is sure to be an enjoyable experience in your travel escapades.

In this blog, we’ll delve into the many reasons why WestJet stands out as an exceptional airline worth considering for travelers of all kinds. From their extensive flight network connecting major cities to their commitment to making your travel dreams come true, you’ll soon see why choosing WestJet is a decision you won’t regret. So fasten your seatbelts as we take off on an exploration of the skies with WestJet!

is westjet a good airline



WestJet allows one carry-on bag and one personal item for all of its flights to help with the comfort of its passengers. However, if your carry-on baggage exceeds limitations, you will be subject to a fee and be required to check the bag.

If you’re checking a bag, pre-pay before your flight! You’ll save time at the airport by doing this. Plus, 24 hours before departure, baggage fees will rise by $10.

Be sure to check that all items inside the bags are permitted through security. Find size and weight limitations for your luggage here.


WestJet has airport lounges in most major airports in Canada, Europe, the Caribbean and Asia. West Jet also partners with other airport lounges to accommodate guests from all over the world.

If you have some extra time, or just need somewhere to relax, airport lounges are a great place to spend some time before your flight!

Present a valid WestJet boarding pass and get paid walk-in access to the lounges. Some lounges even offer discount prices for walk-ins.

Find a WestJet lounge for your next trip here.


The WestJet app is a must-download preflight. Be sure to download this app before you board the plane when you have Wi-fi from the airport.

Book your flights, choose your seats, check your flight status and more! You also have easy access to your boarding pass with the app.

Once onboard and in the sky, enjoy access to a wide range of entertainment including movies, TV shows, games, flight tracking and more! 

The app also allows you to gain Wi-fi access onboard during your flight for a fee. Download the WestJet app at the Apple Store and Google Play for free.


Juliet can assist you in making travel plans! She can give you ideas, show you offers and discounts, and even arrange for your flight all through Facebook Messenger.

​Since Juliet is fueled by artificial intelligence, her abilities will only improve with time. She gains knowledge as a result of her encounters.

If she doesn’t have the solution for you on Facebook Messenger right away, she will direct you to the appropriate page on westjet.com or put you in touch with WestJet’s helpful Social Care staff. Learn more about Juliet here.


Sharing your flight status might be a fantastic way to keep friends or family informed of any delays or flight interruptions if they are going to pick you up at the airport.

Your loved ones can check your flight status anytime, anywhere, by just sharing your flight number and the flight status link.

is westjet a good airline


You can check in to your WestJet flight using their website, the WestJet app, the airport kiosk or at guest assistance.

The majority of passengers choose to check in online up to 24 hours before their trip, but it’s entirely up to you. Learn more about your checking-in here.


There are many reasons that people may choose to travel with their pets and WestJet goes above and beyond to try and accommodate the needs of its guests (even the ones with paws!)

There are a few options that you and your pet have. You can travel with them in the cabin, check them or allow them to travel on their own.

Learn more and plan your pet’s next flight here.


Depending on the length of your flight, you may or may not get an in-flight meal. WestJet does offer an onboard paid menu for the majority of its flights.

We recommend that if you require a meal, have specific dietary requirements or simply want to save some money, order take-out food once you have passed through security and bring it onboard with you.

International passengers will get a hot meal, a small snack, and free drinks, including alcoholic beverages. You are also allowed to bring your own snacks, so enjoy your favourite treats while flying by organizing your meals ahead of time.


The biggest tip we have is to simply be prepared. This goes for any airline and any destination.

Bring some of your favourite comforts such as socks, scarves, snacks, books, music and personal care items to make the flight more enjoyable.

Remember travel is about the journey and not the destination.

is westjet a good airline


WestJet Rewards is the loyalty program offered by WestJet, the Canadian low-cost airline. The program allows passengers to earn and redeem rewards for their loyalty to the airline. 

Here are some key aspects of the WestJet Rewards program:


The primary currency within the WestJet Rewards program is called “WestJet dollars.” Passengers can earn WestJet dollars by booking flights with WestJet, as well as by making purchases with WestJet partners. These WestJet dollars can then be used to pay for future WestJet flights or vacation packages.


WestJet has partnered with RBC to offer West Jet credit cards that allow cardholders to earn additional WestJet dollars for everyday purchases. These credit cards often come with perks such as companion vouchers, free checked bags, and priority boarding.


The WestJet Rewards program has tier levels based on the number of qualifying flight segments or the amount spent with the airline in a calendar year. The tiers include Teal, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, with each level offering different perks and benefits.

Teal: The entry-level tier of the WestJet Rewards program is Teal. When you join the program, you start at this level. As a Teal member, you can earn WestJet dollars on eligible flights and vacation packages. However, the benefits at this level are relatively limited compared to higher tiers.

Silver: To achieve Silver status, you need to earn a specified number of qualifying flight segments or spend a minimum amount with WestJet within a calendar year. WestJet will provide you more with Silver so you can take advantage of getting your first and second checked bags for free, priority check-in, vouchers for airport lounges, the chance to get free upgrades with the purchase of an eligible flight, and more in addition to of course earning WestJet dollars.

Gold: For the frequent traveler who values a top-notch experience. As a Gold member, you will be able to take advantage of a number of advantages, such as priority boarding, unrestricted access to lounges, free upgrades with the purchase of an eligible flight, and more.

Platinum: Platinum is the highest tier in the WestJet Rewards program, and it comes with the most significant benefits. To achieve Platinum status, you must meet higher thresholds for qualifying flight segments or spending with WestJet than required for Gold. Platinum members enjoy all the perks of the lower tiers, as well as unlimited lounge access three hours before your flight takes off, advance seat selection, higher priority for complimentary upgrades, and an increased WestJet dollars earning rate of 8% on eligible flights.

Check-In Process

Platinum, Gold and Silver Rewards members and their travel companions on the same reservation and also guests seated in Business or Premium can enjoy easy check-in and bag drop using the priority line at available airports. This allows travellers to skip the regular check-in lines and have a smoother check-in experience.

Are WestJet Rewards the perfect choice for you? Contact one of our travel specialists today!

Learn more about the program here.

is westjet a good airline

WestJet Vacations 

WestJet Vacations is the vacation package division of WestJet, the Canadian low-cost airline. It offers travelers the convenience of booking complete vacation packages that include both flights and accommodations, along with other optional add-ons like car rentals, activities, and excursions.

WestJet Vacations aims to provide travelers with a seamless and stress-free vacation planning experience.

Here are some key features of WestJet Vacations:

Vacation Packages: WestJet Vacations offers a wide range of vacation packages to various destinations, including popular vacation spots in Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean, Europe, and other international locations.

Some vacation packages offered by WestJet Vacations are all-inclusive, which means that meals, beverages, and certain activities are included in the package price. All-inclusive packages can be a great option for travelers looking for a worry-free vacation experience.

Flights and Hotels: The core of WestJet Vacations packages includes round-trip flights on WestJet’s network and a selection of handpicked hotels or resorts. Travelers can choose from various accommodation options based on their preferences and budget.

Optional Add-ons: In addition to flights and hotels, WestJet Vacations allows travelers to customize their packages with optional add-ons, such as car rentals, airport transfers, travel insurance, and various activities and excursions at the destination.

WestJet Rewards: When travelers book vacation packages with WestJet Vacations, they can earn WestJet dollars through the WestJet Rewards program, which can be redeemed for future flights or vacations, providing additional value for loyal customers.

Customer Support: WestJet Vacations offers customer support to assist travelers with their bookings and address any questions or concerns before, during, or after their vacation.

Booking a vacation package with WestJet Vacations can simplify the travel planning process, as it bundles essential components like flights and accommodations into one reservation.

This can save time and effort for travelers, allowing them to focus on enjoying their vacation.

Additionally, being part of WestJet, WestJet Vacations upholds the airline’s commitment to friendly customer service and strives to ensure a positive and memorable vacation experience for its customers.

is westjet a good airline

Different Fare Classes

WestJet offers three main classes of service on their flights: Economy, Premium, and Business Class.

Each class is designed to cater to different traveler preferences and needs. Please note that airlines may update their service offerings, so it’s a good idea to check the latest information on WestJet’s official website for the most current details.

Here’s an overview of each class:

is westjet a good airline

WestJet Economy Class

Economy Class is the standard class of service offered by WestJet. Passengers in Economy Class can enjoy comfortable seating with adjustable headrests, ample legroom, and standard in-flight amenities. 

Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages and snacks are provided on all flights. On long-haul flights to Europe, the UK and Japan meals will be provided. WestJet also offers a buy-on-board menu, allowing passengers to purchase additional food and beverages during the flight. 

In-flight entertainment may be available through WestJet Connect, where passengers can access a selection of movies, TV shows, and other content on their personal devices or on a touchscreen monitor at their seat. Learn more about WestJet’s economy class here.

WestJet EconoFlex

WestJet offers a class of service called “EconoFlex.” EconoFlex is an upgraded version of the Economy Class that provides additional flexibility and benefits compared to the standard Economy fare. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, EconoFlex gives you the flexibility you need with no additional costs for flight changes or cancellations.

EconoFlex fares include a baggage allowance for one free checked bag and with the standard Economy fares you have to purchase a checked bag separately. EconoFlex passengers also have the option to select their seats in advance for free, ensuring that they can choose seats according to their preferences and travel companions. Learn more about WestJet’s Flex Fares here.

WestJet Premium Economy

Premium Class is an upgraded class of service that offers enhanced amenities and comfort. Passengers traveling in Premium Class enjoy wider seats with extra legroom, providing a more spacious and comfortable experience.

Premium Class passengers receive complimentary alcoholic beverages, in addition to the standard complimentary snacks and non-alcoholic drinks available in Economy Class. On longer flights, enjoy a Canadian-inspired hot meal, complimentary beer and wine with exclusive Premium snacks.

When travelers are flying in WestJets Premium cabin on their 787 Dreamliner to and from Europe Premium travelers will; have a welcome beverage as they arrive on board, relax with soft blankets and pillows, and receive Rocky Mountain Soap amenity kits. Learn more about traveling Premium with WestJet here.

WestJet Business Class

Business Class is the highest level of service offered by WestJet and is available on select routes and aircraft.

Business Class passengers enjoy premium, lie-flat seats that provide maximum comfort and privacy, allowing for better rest during long-haul flights. Take advantage of the roomy comfort of a pod on WestJets 787 Dreamliners. whether it be business or leisure-related, thanks to private pods that feature lie-flat seats, luxurious blankets and pillows, and Canadian-sourced amenity items (including nourishing skincare products).

A dedicated cabin crew caters to the needs of Business Class travelers, providing personalized service and attention. Business Class passengers are offered a variety of delicious meal options, with a focus on high-quality and locally-sourced ingredients. Travelers will also get  The in-flight entertainment system for Business Class passengers includes a selection of movies, TV shows, and more. Learn all about WestJet’s Business Class here.

is westjet a good airline


West Jet flies to many destinations all over the world! Some of the most popular WestJet destinations are:

Within Canada:

  • Calgary International Airport (YYC) – Calgary, Alberta
  • Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) – Toronto, Ontario
  • Vancouver International Airport (YVR) – Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Edmonton International Airport (YEG) – Edmonton, Alberta
  • Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport (YUL) – Montreal, Quebec


  • Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) – Los Angeles, California, USA
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS) – Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  • Orlando International Airport (MCO) – Orlando, Florida, USA
  • John F Kennedy Airport (JFK) – New York City, USA
  • Cancún International Airport (CUN) – Cancún, Mexico
  • London Gatwick Airport (LGW) – London, United Kingdom
  • Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) – Paris, France
  • Narita International Airport (NRT) – Tokyo, Japan

Check out all the destinations WestJet travels to here.

is westjet a good airline

Check Out These Excellent Airport Transfer Options:


is westjet a good airline

So, Is WestJet a Good Airline?

WestJet stands out as one of the best options among major airlines, providing an excellent overall travel experience for passengers across different countries and routes.

The airline’s commitment to friendly staff and excellent customer service sets it apart, making it a top choice for both short domestic flights and long-haul journeys.

With a widespread network of domestic routes and direct flights to various destinations, WestJet offers convenience and accessibility to travelers. Its friendly and accommodating staff contribute to a positive travel experience, ensuring that passengers feel welcomed and valued throughout their journey.

Whether you’re flying within Canada or venturing to international destinations, WestJet’s dedication to providing an excellent customer experience remains consistent. The airline’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident, making it a preferred choice for travelers seeking both quality service and competitive fares.

For those embarking on long-haul flights, WestJet’s amenities, including in-flight entertainment and comfortable seating options, enhance the journey and alleviate the stresses of air travel. The airline’s EconoFlex and Premium Class offerings provide added flexibility and an upgraded experience for those seeking more comfort and convenience.

In conclusion, WestJet’s impressive combination of extensive domestic and international routes, friendly staff, excellent customer service, and dedication to passenger comfort make it a leading choice among major airlines. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or an occasional traveler, choosing WestJet promises a rewarding and enjoyable travel experience.

is westjet a good airline



When you’re ready to book your next travel plan, contact one of our Tier One Travel consultants. They will find the perfect place for your next vacation and will craft something incredible that is suited to your unique needs and will make sure your travel plans will be as stress-free as possible.

One call; endless experiences!

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous

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