How to get the most out of your Mexican vacation

How to get the most out of your Mexican vacation

Mexico is a beautiful destination rich in culture, attractions and of course flavour!

A popular way for North Americans to experience Mexico is resort travel. Mexico has a vast variety of resorts, ranging from couples only to family fun to adventure to relaxation.
Resort travel is really the quintessential way to surrender to relaxation or family fun or both! Having someone take care of the details and leave the adventure and fun up to you, allows for a unique opportunity in the travel world, to customize your itinerary with no limits and no worries. Or as we like to say in Mexico – NO HAY BRONCA!

Follow these suggestions and get the most out of your Mexican getaway


First and foremost, packing. Packing for Mexico is as simple as it gets with beach and hot weather clothing being the central theme.
However, there are a few essentials you may want to bring from home, along with your beach wear.

  • Sunscreen is expensive in Mexico in comparison. It may be because locals don’t often buy it and it’s required mainly by tourists. But, either way, it’s pricey, and you will save your dollars on top of a sunburn if you just pack some from home.
  • Aftersun is in the same market as sunscreen and also goes for a high price in Mexico at most resorts and shops. Pack your own and save yourself trying to find it on the cheap looking like a lobster.
  • Bug spray is available at most resorts, but again, it comes at a price. There are many options for bug spray, including kid and sun safe. Be sure to pack the quantity and  quality that meets your unique travel needs.

Know the currency

Mexico currency is the Mexican Peso. Most resorts will also accept USD but, I still urge travellers to get to know your country’s exchange rate and have available some cash Mexican Pesos as a good backup plan to plastic.
If you are planning to exchange cash, you may want to do it before you depart. If you are worried about travelling with cash, it’s possible to do it once you land but, be sure to check for a registered exchange centre.

Familiarize yourself with your resort

Before you depart, go over the fine details of your resort with your travel agent. Things to consider are:

  • Inclusions vs. exclusions
  • Resort location in relation to the airport or main attractions
  • Resort atmosphere
  • Waterfront conditions
  • Dining options
  • Room options
  • Kids club options
  • Adults only options
  • Tours and excursions

Visit some sites

Resorts can be amazing, and it’s tempting sometimes to not leave the grounds. That’s okay and a great way to spend a relaxing vacation. However, I encourage visitors to any country to explore and really experience what the land has to offer.
Mexico has tons of diverse offerings; a few include Cenote Dos Ojos, the Mayan Ruins, Great Pyramid of Cholula and Church Santa Prisca.
Memories are created from unique experiences and swimming in a cenote with the family or exploring the beautiful colourful towns throughout Mexico, is sure to create lasting memories for every type of traveler.

Embrace the culture

I left this one for last simply because it’s my personal favourite. Have some fun, sip a margarita, enjoy the flavourful cuisine and BE in Mexico, not just physically but mentally.
Mexico’s people are as warm and friendly as the sun, they seize the day and enjoy every minute of life. Soak up that energy and embrace the local way of being.
Travelling allows for the opportunity to be present and enjoy life to it’s fullest…after all; you are in beautiful Mexico!

If you are ready to find the perfect location for your Mexican dream holiday, contact one of our experienced resort travel specialists here

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