11 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

11 Amazing Christmas Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers


With the holiday season quickly approaching, you might have a few people left on your Christmas list to shop for still! No shame at all in that  – it’s been another crazy year indeed!

Do you have a friend or family member left to shop for who absolutely LOVES travel? If so, you may want to consider gifting the travelers in your life something they can take on their next adventure (even if that traveler happens to be yourself)!

Most people haven’t been able to travel the way they would want to for the last couple of years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Good news is upon us, as that is changing rapidly as the world begins to open up more and more.

This year is the perfect time to get your loved ones something travel-related that they will be able to use really soon!

Here are a handful of our favorite suggestions for Christmas gift ideas for travel lovers.

1. A TierOne Travel Gift Certificate

If you know someone who has been missing traveling the last couple of years (and who hasn’t?!), we have the absolute perfect Christmas gift for them, that will have them smiling as they dream about where they will jet off to next!

If you gift someone you love with a TierOne Travel gift certificate, the opportunities and the ways they can spend it are endless. We all know that creating travel memories that will last a lifetime is truly priceless!

Learn more about our gift certificates on this blog.

2. Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Quiz Book

Challenge your worldly knowledge against family and friends, or just test yourself, with this ultimate travel trivia book from Lonely Planet. It includes head-scratching questions on everything from geography and culture to history, wildlife, famous landmarks, and more. It’s a fun and challenging test for all ages – and the perfect addition to any trip!

Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Travel Quiz Book is split into three sections: Easy, Medium, and Hard, with 100 quizzes in total, each featuring 20+ questions that will offer hours of fun for adults and kids alike. Perfect for social get-togethers, rainy days and family trips, this fun and illustrated book makes a great gift for travellers who love to learn new things!

Find the quiz book here.

3. Anywhere Travel Guide

This travel game is great for exploration and discovery! These 75 cards are great for discovering the unexpected, wherever your journey leads!

With a unique mix of actions and prompts — from “Ask the next person you meet where his/her favorite street is. Go there” to “Write down what you like about this city on a small piece of paper. Leave it where someone else will find it later”, encouraging travelers to see things differently while exploring both new and familiar places.

Get the cards here to start your next adventure!

4. On The Go Travel Kit

A perfect gift for that frequent flyer in your life! Riversol’s professional-grade Hand Balm is paired with the ultimate combination for makeup removal on sensitive skin, a travel-sized bottle of Micellar Water makeup remover, and a microfibre face cloth. The perfect way to freshen up on long plane rides!

You can order the On the Go kit here.

5. Tile – Valuables Tracker

The best gift idea for the forgetful traveler in your life!

If you know someone who always loses their wallet, keys or phone, a Tile Mate might be a great (and cheeky) gift idea!

They can attach the Tile Mate to everyday items that are easy to lose like keys, their wallet, or purse, or even keep it with their passport so that it is easily found when adventure calls!

They can make use of Tile’s free app to find whatever item they choose to keep it with. Tile works with Android and Apple devices, has a Bluetooth range of up to 250 ft/76 m, is water-resistant, and is even compatible with Alexa, Google, and Siri.

Grab a Tile (or a few for all their beloved valuables) here.

6. Subscription to Creative Cloud Apps

For the creative traveler who just loves to take photos and videos of their travel, Adobe’s Creative Cloud is a great place to start any creative project.

A full year of the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan gives travelers everything they need to edit, transform, and share amazing photos of their adventures. With Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and Photoshop, even casual photographers can make their photos look more polished—at home, or on the go! This also comes with cloud storage, so they can access their photos anywhere. Adobe has a ton of tutorials that make the apps beginner-friendly!

See all the Creative Cloud app pricing plan options here.

7. GoPro Action Camera

Every adventurous traveler needs a good action cam!

This nearly indestructible little cube that can attach to pretty much anything has been the go-to adventure camera for many travelers. Gift your adrenaline junkie a GoPro and you might be able to laugh at the videos they catch of them falling off their skis, marvel at their underwater explorations, and even them jumping out of a plane – the sky’s the limit! And, best of all – you can experience the crazy things they do, without ever having to do them yourself!

Check out the newest GoPro camera here.

8. New Snazzy Phone Case

For the clumsy traveler, we all have that loved one who always has a crack on their phone screen. If they have any upcoming travel plans gifting them a case to protect their phone is a great idea especially when we rely so much on our phones nowadays. The last place travelers want their phone to break is in an unfamiliar city!

Find a great new phone case (that comes in many different designs and colours) here.

9. The Comfiest Beach Sandals

For travelers who love to hang out at the beach, these comfy sandals are perfect to wear down to the pool or beach!

They’re easy to slip on and off no matter where your travels take you.

Find the sandals in many different colors here.

10. CleanTray Charge

Travelers will have complete peace of mind with the CleanTray Charge a UV light sterilization case that disinfects your phone in just 5 minutes while it charges!

The UV rays safely kill germs and bacteria. You can also use the CleanTray to disinfect other daily items such as wallet, keys, AirPods, knives, jewelry, sunglasses, pacifiers, and more. Eco-friendly, 10,000-hour lifespan, portable, and lightweight the CleanTray Charge is a great gift to keep your loved ones safe and ready for a worry-free vacation!

Find it here.

11. An RFID Blocking Passport Wallet

For the travelers that love to be organized, this is the perfect gift! Urban Wallets feature durable leather that resists abrasions, scuffs, oil stains, and water. These features allow these wallets to last up to 10x longer than traditional leather wallets.

The RFID-block technology is discreetly sewn throughout every Urban wallet for 360 degrees of protection against electronic pickpocketing and identity theft. This wallet holds up to 14 cards, stays compact even when full, and has a convenient passport pocket to get travelers through security as quickly as possible.

This travel-ready wallet can be found here.


When you’re ready to travel again, contact one of our TierOne Travel consultants. They have extensive experience in life-changing travel experiences and will be able to craft something incredible that is suited to your unique needs!

One call; endless experiences!

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous

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