Haunted Places in Washington State That You Can Visit

Haunted Places in Washington State That You Can Visit


Spooky season is upon us! As the leaves start to change color giving way to oranges and yellows, a unique way to travel starts to become popular. Exploring spooky places and embarking on ghost tours is a great way to get into the Halloween spirit. A fantastic place to experience some paranormal activity and play ghost hunters is USA’s Washington state. When you’re ready to book your spooky trip to Washington, your TierOne Travel Consultant can get you there!

Keep reading to learn where and how you can hunt for ghosts in the evergreen state!

How Long to Visit WASHINGTON

It’s simple to see everything Seattle has to offer in just 3 or 4 days, so spend some time getting to know the rest of the state. You could easily explore everything else you want to see and do in Washington in about a week or a bit more.


Washington state is most enjoyable and colorful from September to October. The city’s busy season is in the summer when rates increase and accommodation availability decreases, while the chilly winter months might put even the most ardent tourists off. Early October, however, is a prime time for tourism because the warm weather continues while the crowds thin out and there are plenty of hotel rooms (and cheaper rates) available.

Getting to Washington 


The State of Washington’s 687km border with British Columbia contains 13 driveable border crossings. The four crossings that serve the Seattle/Vancouver region are the busiest.


Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton, and Victoria all offer nonstop flights to Seattle. 


Washington State and Vancouver Island are connected by the Victoria Clipper ferry. The Victoria Clipper ferry travels directly from Belleville Terminal in Victoria, British Columbia’s inner harbor to Pier 69 in downtown Seattle in 2 hours and 45 minutes.

Getting Around WASHINGTON


The best way to see Washington state is by driving. This is the best way to reach its more secluded natural wonders or to appreciate places like the Olympic Peninsula to the fullest, as you are able to take your time and be on your own schedule.


There is an Amtrak service from Seattle to Spokane as well as a service between Vancouver, British Columbia, Seattle, and Portland. If you do decide to travel by train, making a reservation in advance will help you save money.

Seattle’s Haunted Locations

Despite its frequently overcast weather, Seattle’s relaxed atmosphere and diversified neighborhoods more than make up for the often-dreary weather. Additionally, it is the location of some of the greatest coffee in the nation, a bustling art scene, a wealth of history and culture, and, when the weather is right, some exhilarating outdoor activities.

The stunning scenery of Seattle is not without its fair share of ghosts, haunts, and ghouls. Here are a few of Seattle’s most eerie and supposedly haunted locations.

Photo courtesy of Hotel Andra, Seattle

Hotel Andra, Seattle

The Hotel Ändra was originally the Claremont Hotel, an upscale hotel where Seattle’s well-to-do upper class mingled with the gangsters and rumrunners of the 1920s and 30s. Guests frequently hear glass smashing, disembodied voices, and a piano playing in the middle of the night. There have been numerous attempts to locate the noise’s source, but none have been successful. Others have seen an apparition of a woman standing in front of their bed, but she quickly disappeared. Additionally, visitors have described witnessing items levitate or completely vanish.

Pike Place Market, Seattle

One of the most popular places in Seattle, this bustling market offering fresh fish, flower arrangements, and trinkets might not seem to be haunted at first, but there actually may be several ghosts hiding within these walls. 

Princess Angeline, the daughter of Chief Seattle, is the most notable. She lived in a house that is now located between Pine and Pike Streets. She passed away and was laid to rest on Capitol Hill at Lake View Cemetery, yet she is still frequently seen shopping. Another ghost, thought to be Arthur Goodwin, is frequently spotted in his former office swinging a golf club and browsing books at the Goodwin Library. 

Photo courtesy of Kells Irish Pub

Butterworth Building, Seattle

The Butterworth building is now Kells Irish Pub and is unquestionably among Washington’s most popular haunted locations. You might not be aware that this pub is haunted among all the festivities since it is a well-known location for shepherd’s pie, Guinness, and St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. 

This building actually served as the city’s morgue long before people would assemble for a fun night out. The same door that customers use to enter the pub was used to bring bodies in and out of the structure. Today many guests have reported seeing a man named Charlie in the mirror or a little girl sitting next to them at the bar. When no one is nearby, it’s also not uncommon for glasses to fall to the ground, and mirrors to break without any force.


Other Spooky Washington Spots

Campbell House, Spokane

Although you might believe that moving eyes in portraits only occur in movies, you’ll be frightened to learn that this kind of spooky behavior has been documented in this house. The Campbell House is an early 1900s historical house museum with guided tours and authentic decor. Paranormal activity seen here includes, ghostly children playing in bedrooms, strange noises, and some people even say that the eyes in the paintings move. 

Photo courtesy of the Oxford Saloon

Oxford Saloon, Snohomish

At the Oxford Saloon today, guests can enjoy a glass of wine while mingling with ghosts in Washington’s most haunted bar! Three ghosts, at least, hang out at the Oxford Saloon today. There have been reports of two women and a man wearing a bowler hat. The Washington State Ghost Society has conducted multiple investigations here and recorded a number of EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and some unexplainable photos of shadowy figures. 

Photo courtesy of Tokeland Hotel, Tokeland

Tokeland Hotel, Tokeland

According to legend, a Chinese immigrant from the early 1900s known as Charlie inhabits this haunted hotel. He had accidentally choked to death one day while camped out behind the fireplace. The fireplace had a secret space behind it and immigrants were regularly hidden there. Now his ghost is roaming (and haunting) the Tokeland Hotel, and visitors can have a really unique experience from flickering lights and strange noises from the third floor (which isn’t used by hotel guests) to full ghostly apparitions! It’s one of Washington’s most intriguing haunted locations and is still an active hotel you can stay in. 

Photo courtesy of the Meeker Museum

Meeker Mansion, Puyallup

Pioneers Eliza and Ezra Meeker played a significant role in the creation of the city and other parts of the Puget Sound region, and it is said that their ghosts still linger in this house. Many others have reported seeing distinct, full-on apparitions of Ezra during some of the events that take place here. Other strange behaviours include the strong perfume fragrance that appeared out of nowhere. Today you can go on a tour of the house to see the Italian renaissance-style building with its ornate ceiling paintings, beautiful stained glass windows and maybe a ghost or two.

Lewis County Historical Museum, Chehalis

As one of Washington State’s most eerie locations, the Lewis County Historical Society and Museum celebrates the history of the area. Here you can go on ghost tours to possibly see shadowy figures, lights turning on and items moving by themselves.

The ghosts of two males, a young girls, and a Native American woman have been seen strolling around the building, according to both visitors and staff.

Northern State Mental Hospital, Sedro-Woolley

This mental health facility housed close to 2,000 people. While some people passed away spontaneously, others were killed by hard physical work, electroshock therapy, sterilization, and even lobotomies. Many different ghosts have been seen here, including a man being pushed by a nurse in a wheelchair! 

The Northern State Recreation Area now includes a large portion of this property. This leisure area features a vast path network that will take you through expansive meadows, along forests, and past the still-standing barns, milking shed, the cannery, and other structures utilized during the hospital’s self-sufficient history. You can also go to the historic cemetery, where at least 1,500 people are buried.

Walker-Ames House, Port Gamble

In this quiet Kitsap Peninsula town, one of the most haunted houses in the state of Washington is located. Visitors to the Walker-Ames House have reported everything from full-bodied apparitions, the attic light flashing on and off when no one is present, to people being grabbed in the basement of the house. 

The Walker-Ames House is likely the most well-known haunted house in Port Gamble, visitors can go on tours of the house where guests can learn about some of the house’s former residents.

Mount Baker Theatre, Bellingham

Unidentified sounds, ghosts, and chilly hallways are just a few of the spine-tingling occurrences that have allegedly occurred here since the theatre first opened in 1927, particularly when the crowd is departing. There have also been reports of chilly air gusts, balls of light, and an odd voice calling out names. The theatre today presents both community acts and professional shows and concerts.

Rucker Mansion, Everett

The Rucker family lived in this mansion and amassed wealth by aiding in the founding of Everett. After the Rucker family moved out, most people who resided in the home reported weird paranormal occurrences. Most notably, the piano would start playing on its own in the middle of the night.

Many people have reported seeing Jane Rucker’s ghost, who is often seen in the house’s windows and floating around in her former bedroom, in her nightgown. Strange shadows, abnormally abrupt temperature drops, and guests being touched by unseen hands are among other anomalies.

Hotel de Haro, Roche Harbor, San Juan Islands

In the hallways of this hotel built in 1886, a ghostly woman has been observed. Another attraction is the neighboring McMillin building, which has a dining room layout with a part for each table that keeps a family member’s ashes. At dusk, witnesses claim to have seen the ghost family sitting in their seats! It’s one of the most historic haunted places in Washington.

Tacoma Old City Hall, Tacoma 

Although Tacoma’s Old City Hall formerly served as the city’s bustling government building, it has been largely abandoned since the 1950s.

A trickster ghost by the name of Gus resides in Old Tacoma City Hall. Although no one is certain of his true identity, based on his evident contempt for authorities, they speculate that he may have been a criminal being imprisoned in the building’s former city jail. Gus enjoys playing about with things, turning the lights on and off, and locking people out of their workplaces. He has sent numerous security officers and police officers on a fruitless search for an intruder.

Black Diamond Cemetery, Black Diamond

A little city in King County called Black Diamond can be found close to Enumclaw. There have been reports of everything from weird odors to ominous sights and sounds here. Others claim they have heard the ghosts of the miners whistling, while some visitors have seen a white ghostly horse and swinging lamps. Observing a drifting mist is the most frequent occurrence here, and it typically happens after dark.

Washington Ghost Towns

Why not visit one of the countless ghost towns in Washington? You’ll get to see historical artifacts, and if you’re lucky, you could even spot a few ghosts. Here are some of Washington’s most fascinating abandoned towns.

  • Fort Columbia
  • Melmont
  • Govan
  • Monte Cristo
  • Bodie
  • Nighthawk

Seasonal Attractions 

Nile Nightmares Haunted House, Mountlake Terrace

Open October Weekends, explore eight haunted attractions, try escape rooms and find your way out of Corn Mazes and wandering trails. In between getting spooked you can get a drink at a beer garden, get snacks at food trucks and try carnival treats.

Georgetown Morgue of Seattle

Do you dare step inside Seattle’s top haunted house? Even though this is one of Washington’s scariest haunted houses, it is well known that this experience is not for the faint of heart. If you go, be prepared to be quite frightened.

The fact that this was once a genuine morgue and is reportedly the scene of a particularly horrifying unsolved crime makes it all the more terrifying.



We’ve got your back! When you’re ready to book your next getaway (such as Washington!), contact one of our TierOne Travel agents. They will find the perfect place for your next vacation and will craft something incredible that is suited to your unique needs and will make sure your travel plans will be as stress-free as possible.

One call; endless experiences!

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous

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