Check that African Safari off your Bucket List

Check that African Safari off your Bucket List

Africa’s abundance of unique wildlife is unforgettable! The experience of viewing Africa’s wildlife on an African safari should be on everyone’s bucket list. Not to mention, all the beautiful landscapes you’ll see along the way are just the icing on top of the cake!

Whether you want to spot the Big Five, witness the annual wildebeest migration, experience an incredible variety of colorful birds, or hop onto a hot air balloon to see the landscapes from above, there are endless amazing things to see and experience on an African safari.

Making the most of this bucket list journey into the African wild requires careful planning. We’re here for you, and knowledgeable about African safaris – let a TierOne Travel Consultant help you out with booking your magical safari holiday! Read on to discover four fantastic safari suppliers we can book you with, for the perfect African safari.

Four Great Companies for your African Safari


Tauck Africa tours and safaris are compelling and unique – travel experiences truly unlike any other. Experience amazing safari drives led by expert trackers, drivers, rangers, and Tauck Directors. Stay in Africa’s national parks and private reserves in accommodations that reflect cultural and natural landscapes. Experience local traditions, gaining rich cultural insights, and return home with memories to last a lifetime!

Traveling well includes receiving the best value for your money, and a Tauck trip is worth every penny. The exclusive experiences and great accommodations they provide, and the exemplary service of local experts and guides often far exceed travelers’ expectations. With Tauck, travelers receive their money’s worth, and more! Meet interesting, like-minded people who enjoy travel as much as you do as a part of the Tauck experience.

Tour Options

  • Kenya & Tanzania: A Classic Safari
  • Tanzania: Serengeti to Zanzibar
  • Mountain Gorilla Safari: Tanzania, Zanzibar & Rwanda
  • Wildlife Odyssey: South Africa, Botswana & Zimbabwe
  • South Africa: An Elegant Adventure
  • Tanzania: A Grand Family Safari
  • and more!


  • Wine Tastings
  • Stay at safari lodges and tented camps
  • Explore National Parks
  • Watch wildlife at popular watering holes
  • Experience game drives
  • Visit wildlife sanctuaries to view rhinos, chimpanzees, and orphaned elephants
  • Hop aboard a hot air balloon

G Adventures

G Adventures have been the leader in small group adventure travel for 30 years!

Some of G Adventure’s most popular destinations in Africa are South Africa and Tanzania. They offer a variety of tour styles, like their Classic style, Active, 18-to-thirtysomethings, and National Geographic tours. They have a whopping 94 different tours to choose from. That might seem overwhelming, but TierOne Travel can help you narrow down your options and help you find the tour that’s meant for you!

G Adventures has received the World Travel and Tourism Council’s Safe Travels stamp and has implemented health and hygiene protocols that are aligned with WTTC’s Safe Travels Protocols.

Travelers can have complete peace of mind that they’re in good hands when traveling with G Adventures.

Tour Options

  • Masai Mara & Gorilla Adventure
  • Mt Kilimanjaro Trek
  • Tanzania Camping Adventure
  • Botswana & Victoria Falls Adventure
  • Kruger In Depth
  • Wild Encounters in Rwanda
  • and more!


(may be different depending on the tour)

  • Seek out the legendary “big five”
  • Go on many unforgettable safari drives
  • Soak up the charms of cosmopolitan Cape Town
  • See penguins march along Boulders Beach
  • Explore famous National Parks
  • Experience a G for Good Moment and learn about the locals

Abercrombie & Kent

Join an A&K African safari and experience a world where nature reigns supreme. A&K established the modern African safari in 1962, creating a signature blend of luxury, authenticity, and adventure. Today, their multiple local African offices employ the continent’s finest tour guides that will bring you into the heart of the wildlife in A&K’s unique mobile tented camps.

With A&K you can travel privately on a Tailor-Made Journey which will be created just for you and your private party! Design a journey that matches your preferences — no request is too small or far-reaching. If you dream of doing it, A&K can make it happen!

Tour Options

  • Signature Great Migration Safari
  • Signature Botswana
  • Kenya & Tanzania Wildlife Safari
  • South Africa & Victoria Falls
  • Southern Africa Safari by River & Rail
  • Private Tailor-Made Journeys
  • and more!


(may be different depending on the tour)

  • Stay in A&K’s unique mobile tented camps
  • Witness the famous Great Migration
  • Track mountain gorillas in their natural jungle habitat in Uganda
  • Enjoy experiences that are customized to your interests
  • Go on extraordinary safaris including a water safari from a dugout canoe


The Kensington Tours team has lived and traveled all over Africa. They create personalized trips based on your preferences, which means no two trips are exactly the same! Mix relaxation, luxury, and adventure as you wish with an itinerary designed for your ideal pace of travel, and explore on your own terms, departing and returning whenever you choose with the opportunity to easily change your plans if you want to.

Whether you’re looking for culturally immersive experiences, relaxation, wildlife viewing, culinary delights, exclusive access, or unique places to stay, Kensington Tours can make it happen. And the local private guides will take it one step further by helping travelers authentically experience their country.

Tour Options

  • Cape, Kruger, and Vic Falls
  • Kenya & Tanzania Game Tracker
  • The Grand African Safari
  • Uganda Gorillas
  • Zambia Walking Safari
  • Custom Private Africa Tours
  • and more!


With Kensington Tours, you can custom create a privately guided African safari itinerary catering to your exact specifications.

  • Spot the Big 5 on a classic African safari
  • Travel by boat to spot hippos
  • Learn so much from your Destination Experts
  • Take a hot air balloon over the beautiful landscapes
  • See unbelievably, powerful waterfalls
  • Create personalized experiences specifically for your party


When you’re ready to learn more about booking one of these life-changing safari itineraries, contact one of our TierOne Travel agents. They have extensive experience in life-changing travel experiences and will be able to craft something incredible that is suited to your unique needs.

One call; endless experiences!
“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous
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