Visiting Spain In Winter | 2023 Travel Guide

Spain is a wonderful destination that is worth visiting anytime, but it really shines during the winter months! If you’re looking for a winter destination with a pleasant climate, delicious tapas, beautiful beaches, and fewer tourists than in the summer months, then winter is the perfect time of year for you to visit Spain. Keep […]

Lost Luggage: How To Prepare (and Avoid it Happening)

Arriving at your destination without your luggage can ruin your trip! If you don’t have your clothes, your gear, or your medications with you, it can cause a lot of problems right at the beginning of your adventures.  After a couple of years of the COVID-19 pandemic, travel is now back with a vengeance! However, […]

Travel Has Changed – Here’s What to Expect Now (And How to Be Prepared)

We here at TierOne Travel are so happy that travel is coming back with a vengeance. However, the reality is that travel has not come back the way that we remember it pre-pandemic. Some of Canada’s major airports have recently been experiencing a record number of delays. With staff shortages, and many new staff members […]

5 Travel Resolutions to Make for 2023

    Happy New Year! We are all wishing for travel to return in 2022. If you’ve had a break or reduced your plans from traveling over these last couple of years due to the pandemic, now might be a great time to ponder what kind of traveler you hope to be. Do you want […]

Before You Travel Checklist

No matter whether you’re a first-time flyer or an experienced traveler, this travel checklist will help make sure your next travel journey is safe and comfortable. And once you’re ready, a TierOne Travel Consultant would love to help you plan your next dream getaway! Get Prepared Travel Itinerary Confirm the date and time of your […]

International Travel Q&A with Shelley Ewing, TierOne Travel President

This September, TierOne Travel’s President and Director Shelley Ewing traveled from Canada to France to visit her family, who she hadn’t seen for nearly two years! In this short interview, she informs us about her experience of traveling internationally right now, how she sees that the international travel experience had changed since the pandemic, and […]

Why Are Travel Consultants So Valuable?

It goes without saying that if you are traveling during a global pandemic, the journey to your destination will likely be far from a walk in the park. Flying and crossing borders can be slower, more hectic, and more stressful because there are now so many different factors to consider. Travel consultants take it upon […]