Vaccination Passports Should Make Travel a Reality Again

Vaccine Passports Making Travel a Reality Again

There’s no doubt about it that so many of us are looking forward to traveling again.  Even though things may look and feel a bit different the next time we are able to get away on a vacation, there appears to be a general consensus that the introduction of vaccination passports will likely help to […]

Passengers’ Frustrated with Canada’s Hotel Quarantine Program

Canada's Hotel Quarantine Program for Entry to Canada

Flights on Canadian airlines to sun destinations have been suspended until April 30, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau imploring Canadians to postpone any vacation plans. Canada’s hotel quarantine measure for international arrivals took effect on February 22, 2021 and travellers have been scrambling to secure these mandatory accommodations. Under this new program, travellers must show proof of a three-day hotel booking before […]