Packing List – South America

August 13, 2019

CATEGORY: South & Central America

Packing list - South America

Are you jetting off to South America this year? South America is a very popular destination and with good reason. There are a plethora of things to see and do, including those that we mentioned in our South America Bucket List blog last week. Get packed and ready to go without the stress of leaving something behind by using our handy packing list. This list is designed for South American travel and can be downloaded Read more…


The Ultimate South America Bucket List

August 06, 2019

CATEGORY: Adventure travel, South & Central America

South America Bucket List

South America is worthy of appearing on many bucket lists. It’s diverse, to say the least; the ruins, rainforest, coastlines, culture and history make it unlike anywhere else in the world. It is the fourth largest continent and divided up into 12 countries which include Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and Ecuador. There are 42 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in South America, which gives you a general idea about Read more…


Destination Weddings in South America

August 21, 2018

CATEGORY: Couples travel, Romantic Travel, South & Central America

Destination Weddings South America

Your day. Your way. Destination weddings are increasing in popularity. Organizing a wedding abroad allows couples to transfer some of the planning onto a destinations team. This allows them to step into the present moment and truly enjoy their wedding journey. Resorts around the world come equipped with planning teams and on-day support, to help couples create their dream wedding, with much less of the pre-planning stress. A destination wedding also allows a couple to plan as Read more…


Best Yoga Retreats in South America

August 14, 2018

CATEGORY: South & Central America

Best Yoga Retreats

When we experience yoga on vacation, we allow our mind, and our body, to go on holiday. The best vacations are spent in tranquility. Giving your mind a break from the hectic day-to-day life is never something you will regret and always something that you will need. Yoga retreats are popping up all over the world, offering a range of accommodation from five-star luxury to complete nature immersion. They are quickly gaining popularity amongst solo Read more…


Top UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Argentina

August 07, 2018

CATEGORY: South & Central America

Sites in South America

There is a lot of natural beauty in Argentina waiting to be explored. The culture, the history, the people, the food, and the landscape all have elements of authentic beauty. A trip to Argentina would not be complete without exploring some (or all!) of the UNESCO World Heritage National Parks. Throughout the country, there are five natural heritage sites and six cultural heritage sites. For the purpose of this blog, we are going to focus Read more…


Discovering the Inca Trail

July 31, 2018

CATEGORY: South & Central America

Inca Trail

The Inca Trail – A dreamer’s dream The Ralph Waldo Emerson quote “It’s not the destination, it’s the journey” is a perfect description of the Inca Trail. Machu Picchu is, of course, stunning and breathtaking, but the real memories that last a lifetime are created on the trail leading there. The 43 km trail is usually hiked in 4 days. People from all walks of life set out on this hike to discover something new Read more…


Mexico’s less discovered Maya World

August 08, 2017

CATEGORY: South & Central America


To many Canadians, Mexico is known for its beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, and all-inclusive resorts. Recently, Tourism Mexico has begun to encourage adventure and history tourism. It’s definitely an easy target for Mexico, as it has adventure and history bursting at the seams, waiting to be discovered. Mexico is home to 47,000 archaeological sites. Many being Maya World sites, these sites have received worldwide recognition and have finally become more accessible to Canadians thanks to Read more…


The Belize Difference

July 18, 2017

CATEGORY: South & Central America

The beautifully diverse country of Belize offers much more than sandy beaches and a good Mai Tai. On the East coast of Central America lies Belize a perfectly balanced nature, adventure and relaxation destination. With the lowest population in Central America and official language being English, you can begin to see the Belize difference. Belize was first developed by the Mayans. If you have been to Mexico, you know the beautiful, deep culture that the Read more…


How to get the most out of your Mexican vacation

July 04, 2017

CATEGORY: South & Central America

Mexican Vacation

Mexico is a beautiful destination rich in culture, attractions and of course flavour! A popular way for North Americans to experience Mexico is resort travel. Mexico has a vast variety of resorts, ranging from couples only to family fun to adventure to relaxation. Resort travel is really the quintessential way to surrender to relaxation or family fun or both! Having someone take care of the details and leave the adventure and fun up to you, Read more…


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