Canada Lifting Travel Restrictions for Fully Vaccinated Travellers as of July 5

Canada Lifting Travel Restrictions for Fully Vaccinated Travellers as of July 5

Great news all around! The Canadian government has announced that it will be lifting most international travel restrictions in early July for Canadians, permanent residents, and certain foreign nationals who are fully vaccinated, allowing those eligible to travel to do so with more ease!

New Travel Rules in Canada Effective July 05

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Travelers who are currently able to enter Canada under the existing rules will be able to do so without having to self-isolate for 14 days, taking a test on day eight, or having to stay in a quarantine hotel upon arrival if they are fully immunized against COVID-19.

** These changes do not apply to fully vaccinated non-citizens who are looking to visit for non-essential reasons, and for any Canadian traveller who is not fully vaccinated, the existing suite of travel restrictions will remain in effect. **

Q & A

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What Vaccine Proof is Needed?

To be considered fully vaccinated, travelers will have had to have received a full series of a vaccine, or a combination of vaccines that have been authorized by Health Canada — Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca/COVISHIELD, and Johnson & Johnson — at least 14 days prior to entering the country.

What Restrictions Remain?

  • The requirement to be asymptomatic remains, as do the mandatory pre-departure and on-arrival molecular testing requirements for fully vaccinated travelers.
  • Travelers will have to have an acceptable quarantine plan in place in case border agents determine a period of self-isolation is required and will have to keep copies of their test results for 14 days upon arrival.
  • If a fully vaccinated traveler does test positive, they will be required to follow local public health guidance and quarantine requirements.
  • In situations where unvaccinated children are traveling with fully vaccinated parents, they will not have to stay in a hotel but will have to follow the testing requirements, if applicable depending on their age, and isolate for 14 days after coming into Canada. In this situation, federal officials said the parents will be able to leave the house during their children’s isolation, despite the oft-repeated concern that fully vaccinated people could still transmit the virus.

** This first step in a “phased” border reopening changes nothing for travellers who have yet to receive a vaccine, or who have just had one shot. These travelers will still have to abide by the full suite of existing travel measures, including the three-night stay in a quarantine hotel and a 14-day self-isolation, despite a federal panel calling for the quarantine hotel program to cease. **

When Will the Borders Open for Everyone?

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There has yet to be any new information or timelines presented about when Canada’s international and U.S. travel restrictions will be further eased, with the latest extension in effect until July 21.

The government continues to “strongly advise” that Canadians avoid non-essential travel outside of the country.

The move to begin gradually easing border restrictions comes as Canada hit a key vaccination milestone over the weekend, seeing 75 percent of those eligible having one shot and 20 percent fully vaccinated.

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