Solo Luxury Travel – Your 2024 Travel Guide

Solo Luxury Travel – Your 2024 Travel Guide

Is going on a solo trip on your bucket list? If not, it definitely should be!

Solo travel is a great way to get out of your comfort zone, discover new destinations and meet like-minded travelers. When people think of solo traveling, they often think of backpacking and hostels, but this isn’t the only way to travel alone. You can actually be a solo traveler without sacrificing luxury! 

If this is music to your ears, continue reading to discover amazing solo luxury destinations, solo travel tips recommended by our Travel Specialists, and unique ways to travel luxuriously as a solo traveler. 

The Benefits of Solo Travel

You Learn More About Yourself

When you travel alone, you are forced to make independent judgments and assess your feelings as they arise. As a result, when you travel alone, you’ll discover more about who you are — what you feel comfortable doing, what you don’t, and what you actually want to do when the choice is entirely up to you.

No matter how cliche it seems, traveling alone is undoubtedly a journey of self-discovery — one that we highly recommend at some point, for everyone!

You Are Free To Make Your Own Plans

It’s normal that, when traveling in a pair or a group, people may frequently not want to do the same thing as you, or will want to do things at different times. On the other hand, when you travel alone, it is entirely up to you what you choose to do. As a result, you’ll have no choice but to follow your intuition and make decisions solely based on it.

You will undoubtedly enhance your decision making skills simply from the practice gained as a solo traveler. Talk about a fantastic growth opportunity.

You Can Be As Selfish As You Want

Being in charge of making decisions while traveling has several advantages, one of which is the freedom to do whatever you want on any given day or hour. Everyone’s wants and requirements must be considered when traveling in a group or with another person, which frequently results in a lot of compromises.

When you travel alone, you have the freedom to make your own decisions. You can choose the precise restaurant you want to eat at, wake up whenever you want, and even decide to spend the day by the pool if you’re feeling fatigued.

Making Friends As a Solo Traveler is Easier

Unquestionably, one of the main advantages of traveling alone is that you’ll meet a lot of new, like-minded people compared to what you would if traveling with friends or family. Even though it could seem a little intimidating to start a conversation with a complete stranger, you’ll soon discover that it’s much simpler than it seems.

Both groups and other single travelers are eager to strike up a conversation, so if you hit it off, you might even find yourself joining up for some of your travels. A perfect way to meet people is to book small group trips for a portion of your trip.

Traveling Solo is Good For Your Health

Both traveling and spending time alone have well-established positive effects on your health. This makes their combination a match made in heaven! After all, occasionally there is nothing better than taking a brief break from your regular life and friends.

According to research, traveling alone is particularly helpful for your mental health since it both releases endorphins, which make you happier, and helps lower stress and despair.

You Are Free To Rest Without Guilt

Feeling exhausted after a long flight, or from walking around unfamiliar cities? Let’s face it, you can only really do so much running around. The pressure to keep going, however, might be great when you’re traveling with pals. On the other hand, if you’re traveling alone, you can retire to your hotel guilt-free for a mid-afternoon siesta.

Fewer People Are More Likely To Hassle You

You are less likely to experience bothersome behavior when traveling alone. There is less possible reward for an overly persistent vendor when you are not part of a larger group. When you’re traveling alone, it’s easier to fit in with the natives, which offers you more leeway when haggling.

Having said that, traveling alone doesn’t guarantee your safety from con artists. Whether traveling alone or with a company, it is always advisable to keep a close eye on yourself.

You Learn What You’re Really Capable Of Through Solo Travel

There may be a tendency to rely on others when traveling in a group. Joe speaks the entire time because he is exceptional at picking up languages when traveling, and Jane may guide the way because she is good with maps.

However, when you go alone, you must rely on yourself. Although this may appear difficult, you are actually a lot more capable than you may realize.

Different Types of Luxury Solo Travel

Group Travel

Abercrombie & Kent 

Whether you choose to go on an African safari, a tour of China, or a trip to Italy, traveling alone is an incredibly gratifying way to see the globe. This is due to the fact that traveling alone offers you the time and space to think things over, find inspiration, and take chances in a foreign setting. The good news is that single travelers who want to broaden their horizons can consider small group travel.

Unlike other tour companies, A&K makes sure that lone travelers have the luxury of private rooms at each destination on the schedule. The best part is that you go on an adventure together with other travelers that have the same interests as you do. 

There are different ways to travel luxuriously with Abercrombie & Kent

  • Small Group Journeys
    • With an A&K small-group journey, you can travel almost anywhere in the world while enjoying the same fantastic benefits that make for the most extraordinary luxury vacations like a Resident Tour Director, who guides the journey from start to finish and unparalleled insider-access experiences, courtesy of their longstanding local connections.
  • Luxury Expedition Cruises
    • A&K has been setting the unmatched standard in luxury expedition cruises for more than 30 years, and they know how to make your trip an unforgettable adventure. Travel in style on an all-inclusive, specially chartered small ship with all-balcony cabins, a one-of-a-kind enrichment programme, and a guest capacity that never goes over 199 passengers plus an onboard Expedition Team from accomplished scientists to native cultural experts raised in the communities you’ll visit.

Luxury Gold

The timing is right to think about the advantages of taking a luxury vacation alone! Luxury Gold provides the best in solo travel, from having a traveling concierge by your side to take care of all the details and tailor your trip to relaxing in your own room at the top hotels. Within the safety and comfort of a guided tour, discover your sense of self. To make your trip even better, there is now a reduced single supplement with Luxury Golds year-round savings for solo travelers.

Embark on a world of immersive trips where solo travelers will experience:

  • VIP encounters. Discover unique VIP Experiences that are only available to you as a Luxury Gold guest.
  • Incredible cuisine. Every Luxury Gold vacation revolves around fantastic dining experiences. On a culinary tour, you might eat at Michelin-starred restaurants one evening and explore the street food scene the next. Dining is more than simply a meal; it’s an experience, with wonderful lunches at vineyards and individual cooking lessons with culinary masters.
  • Luxurious accommodations. Luxury Gold hotels are simply the best of the best. Their carefully chosen collection of accommodations will thoroughly immerse you in each destination in terms of opulent comfort, chic settings, prime locations, and exceptionally high standards of service. Spend your free time relaxing at spas, playing golf on top-notch courses, and sipping cocktails at unique bars.
  • With an average of just 20 guests per tour, travelers benefit from less waiting whilst embarking and disembarking and more personal service from your Well-Being Director and Traveling Concierge who will customize the entire experience to your preferences.


Traveling alone doesn’t have to mean being lonely; when you book a trip with Tauck, you’ll make friends, meet other like-minded people with similar interests, and enjoy the spirit of adventure that makes seeing the world a necessity of life. You’ll also share the unique experiences found on Tauck’s guided tours and cruises that will last a lifetime.

Each journey is carefully planned to enrich your experience. Here’s what you can expect while traveling with Tauck:

  • Unique, Exclusive Access. It’s not just about the places you visit, it’s how you experience them. With Tauck, you’ll have authentic experiences and special access to hidden gems and must-see sights without the crowds.
  • Find closer connections with Tauck. Travel is about the little experiences you have along the way, with locals who share their daily lives and cultural insights. These personal encounters and unexpected moments make your travels unforgettable!
  • Tauck Directors and our handpicked local guides provide an enriching, truly authentic travel experience. They can introduce you to the world in ways that you couldn’t discover on your own thanks to their knowledge of local culture, traditions, and customs.

Solo Cruising

Embarking on a solo cruise experience is a great introduction to luxury solo travel and a great way to step outside of your comfort zone! Enjoy singles events around the ship, and be free to mingle and socialize with other solo cruisers. The best part? You can do everything at your own pace when you feel like it.

Norwegian Cruise Line Cruise Ships

You have a wide variety of options when planning your solo cruise trip with the Norwegian Cruise Line. The first cruise operator to provide public spaces and staterooms, particularly for solo travelers was Norwegian Cruise Line. There are several opportunities to socialize with other guests on every Norwegian cruise. For those who are cruising solo, most sailings have singles meet-ups.

The Studio Lounge is a terrific place to meet other single cruisers, and the Studios are the ideal size for a solitary vacation. The Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Bliss, Norwegian Epic, and Norwegian Prima (the newest and most luxurious Norwegian ship yet) are all equipped with solo cabins. 

Explore all the luxury that the Norwegian Prima has to offer:

  • Treat yourself to a stay in The Haven by Norwegian, home to the most luxurious, well-appointed and spacious accommodations, a concierge and a 24-hour butler, enjoy a sundeck reserved exclusively for guests of The Haven.
  • Have priority from embarkation to debarkation, boarding of tenders to shore, onboard entertainment to dining times.
  • Have your meals served to you in the seclusion of your suite by your butler, or indulge in an exclusive selection of meals at The Haven Restaurant.
  • Invitations to exclusive cocktails parties including a cocktail party with the ship’s officers.

Paul Gauguin

This beloved ship, which can accommodate just 330 passengers, departs from Tahiti on all-inclusive, luxury journeys lasting 7 to 14 nights throughout the South Pacific, providing solo travelers with priceless opportunities for personal discovery as well as fun opportunities to meet new friends who share similar interests.

Paul Gauguin Cruises has long been a go-to for solo travelers looking for enlightening exploration, and Paul Gauguin is happy to celebrate travel’s comeback by offering solo travelers a Zero Single Supplement on select journeys in 2023!

  • Gain access to some of the world’s most idyllic, unspoiled beaches and private retreats.
  • Complimentary 24-hour room service, and complimentary beverages, including select wines and spirits, beers, soft drinks, bottled water, and hot beverages.
  • Shipboard entertainment, including a troupe of Polynesian performers and live music in the evenings.
  • Watersports, including complimentary snorkel gear, kayaking and paddleboarding from marinas or destination beaches.

Read our tips and trips for Solo Cruisers.

Solo Skiing 

Jackson Hole

One of the top big mountain resorts in the country is Jackson Hole, which is situated in the Teton Mountains close to Yellowstone National Park. Solo travelers will love the variety of this mountain resort.

Enjoy a genuine adventure of the highest calibre, perhaps the best skiing in the United States, enjoyable meals, luxury resorts, nightly live music at several places, unique shopping, and maybe some other solo travelers to meet and hang out with.

Jackson Hole is the epitome of a ski town and a standout travel destination for solo skiers! Teton Village is at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and has many adventurous activities for solo travelers like exploring National Parks, snowshoeing, dog sledding, snowmobiling and more!

Stay in Four Seasons Jackson Hole and experience a variety of activities for people of all ages and enjoy unmatched Forbes Five-Star and AAA Five-Diamond service. Before hitting the slopes, fuel up with a full breakfast at Westbank Grill. Afterward, unwind with a peaceful massage in the spa or a dip in the heated pool before gathering for dinner at The Handle Bar and spending the evening lounging by the fire.

Learn more about solo skiing on our blog post: Ski Vacations for Solo Travelers and Singles | 2022 Travel Guide

5 Amazing Luxury Solo Destinations

There are so many amazing luxury destinations to experience as a solo traveler! Here are a few of our favourites:

Cape Town

There is so much to do and experience in Cape Town! Whether it’s climbing Table Mountain or swimming with penguins, Cape Town is full of unforgettable experiences. It’s a fantastic destination for solitary travelers interested in outdoor activities and cultural exploration because it’s one of South Africa’s friendliest and most cosmopolitan cities.

Here are some must-do solo and luxury activities to do in Cape Town:

  • Wine tasting! Book a wine tour where you will undoubtedly meet some wine-loving friends.
  • Explore Cape Town on horseback. Ride down a beach. Join a small group, so you’ll have a chance to meet fellow travelers.
  • Eat at The Reverie Social Table, a restaurant that seats just 18 people. Guests are encouraged to get to know each other over a five-course dinner!
  • Explore some of Cape Town’s museums like The Iziko Museum Mile, Castle of Good Hope, Groot Constantia, the District Six Museum and the South African Museum.
  • Go on a guided hike up Table Mountain. Not only is it safer to go with a guide but it is also a great way to meet other travelers.
  • Relax at a luxury spa. There are plenty of luxurious spas in Cape Town that are happy to have you and relieve the stress from daily life. Leave stress-free and ready to enjoy one of the world’s most beautiful cities.
  • See Cape Town by air. There are numerous ways to explore Cape Town, but none is as thrilling as flying in a hot-air balloon or a helicopter.
  • Visit Perfume Prive to create your own personalized perfume.  Enjoy a workshop and enjoy a free tour at the Perfume Museum, the first of its kind in Africa. The experience is complete with drinks and your unique bottle of perfume and body lotion to take home.

Stay at the most luxurious accommodations

  • Delaire Graff Lodge
  • Ellerman House
  • Mount Nelson, A Belmond Hotel
  • The Silo Hotel
  • Taj Cape Town

New York City

Whatever your interests, there is a ton of great ways to have an amazing solo adventure in The Big Apple. Although it may seem intimidating to venture out alone in a big city, you’ll discover that traveling alone gives you more opportunities to experience world-class museums, eat at the most popular restaurants, and simply wander through historic neighborhoods at your own pace.

Here are some of the best things to do on your own in New York City:

  • Do all the top touristy things in NYC. Go to a show on Broadway, stroll through Central Park, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, see the Statue of Liberty, take a scenic cruise around Manhattan and see the lights of Times Square.
  • Wander through famous museums and art galleries. Some museums offer exclusive tours of their exhibitions and galleries. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) will let you in an hour before it opens to the public, the MET also has similar options.
  • Take in a spectacular view of NYC at the Top of the Rock Observation Deck
  • Take a Helicopter Tour and soar above the Hudson River, pass by the Statue of Liberty, and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the city’s most famous landmarks.
  • Have a luxury experience at a Broadway Show. Check out Broadway Plus for VIP experiences at a show of your choice. Get premium seats to the performance, a specialty beverage during intermission, a souvenir gift bag filled with show-related memorabilia, and a behind-the-scenes tour with a cast member are all included in VIP Experiences.
  • Dine at a Michelin-star restaurant. New York City is home to some world-renowned restaurants. Some of the most popular include Eleven Madison Park, Per Se and Daniel, all are Michelin star holders.

Luxurious places to stay in the Big Apple:

  • The Mark Hotel
  • The Peninsula New York
  • The Pierre
  • The Mandarin Oriental
  • The Plaza Hotel


Single travelers should include Hawaii on their bucket list because it is an incredibly beautiful place to visit. There is so much to do and see here, and nature lovers will have their fill with enjoying otherworldly landscapes, the beautiful blue ocean, and exploring the underwater world. 

Although Hawaii has very little crime, it is still important to exercise caution whenever travelling alone. Since the residents are known for being friendly and inviting, you will undoubtedly meet like-minded solo travelers.

Hawaii is the perfect place for tourists searching for life-changing vacations. In addition to being beautiful, the islands have amazing historical significance and local culture. They also have plenty of options for luxury travel experiences. 

Here are the best ways to experience Hawaii to its fullest as a solo traveler:

  • Tee up at one of the many breathtaking golf courses. Some of the best are The Bay Course in Maui, Manele Golf Course at Four Seasons Resort Lanai, Hualalai Golf Course on the big island and much more!
  • Explore the Kona Coast on a luxurious yacht. Experience some of the best snorkelling bays, stunning views and breathtaking underwater treasures while aboard an uncrowded, spacious and luxurious yacht.
  • Circle almost the entire island of Hawaii on a Helicopter tour. See the UNESCO World Heritage Site Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, lava flows, black sand beaches, volcanic badlands, and lush rainforests.
  • Go on a stargazing tour. While the sun sets on another Hawaiian day, listen as your tour guide tells you tales of Hawaii’s early mountaineers, celestial navigators, and other historical exploits while pointing out stunning constellations.
  • Have dinner at a Michelin-star restaurant. There are three in total in Hawaii. Japanese cuisine is available at two of the options: L’Uraku is located in Honolulu and Morinoto in Maui. And last but not lease is La Mer, also located in Honolulu and is know for its French cuisine.
  • Enjoy a relaxing spa day. At Spa Montage Kapalua Bay you can try traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage and body polishes using bamboo and local fruit enzymes as well as classic spa treatments.

Stay at these luxury resorts.

  • Princeville Resort, Kauai
  • Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Island of Hawaii
  • Travaasa Hana, Maui
  • The Royal Hawaiian, a Luxury Collection Resort, Waikiki, Oahu
  • Four Seasons Resort, Lanai

Learn more about traveling in Hawaii as a solo traveler in our blog post: Solo Trip to Hawaii | 2022 Hawaii Travel Guide for Solo Travelers

Costa Rica

Traveling alone in Costa Rica has its own unique charm. If you’ve never gone on an expedition by yourself, this popular destination offers the chance to do so while immersed in a breathtaking environment.

Costa Rica is a place that offers a range of options for travelers seeking luxury. From a seaside getaway to a mountain retreat with five-star service solo travelers have so much to choose from when it comes to luxurious accommodation in Costa Rica. 

Here are some things solo travelers can enjoy in Costa Rica:

  • Enjoy watersports like snorkeling, paddleboarding, and kayaking, or land adventures like hiking, horseback riding, and waterfall-hunting!
  • Swim in the most luxurious hot springs. The Tabacón Grand Spa Thermal Resort offers relaxing soaks in the hot springs, massages, facials, and body treatments all on a beautiful tropical reserve.
  • Coffee lovers should take a private tour of a coffee farm. See the bean processing facility, and participate in a tasting session to experience the flavours and fragrances of the finished product. Take your coffee outside to enjoy the view of Costa Rica’s Central Valley.
  • Relax in a spa and indulge in a Volcanic Purification ritual that includes seawater and volcanic mud bath and a bamboo massage.
  • Some resorts offer cooking classes, art lessons, horseback riding, and more.
  • There are quite a few volcanoes in Costa Rica, the most popular being Arenal. There are many private tours to choose from.
  • See some wildlife. From jaguars to sloths, there are so many different kinds of wildlife that are found in Costa Rica.

Here are some luxurious places to stay all over Costa Rica:

  • Los Altos Resort and Spa
  • El Silencio Lodge & Spa
  • Pacuare Lodge
  • Lapa Rios
  • Hacienda AltaGracia

New Zealand

New Zealand is regarded as one of the safest nations for solo travelers. The locals are welcoming, and it’s easy to make new friends because there are so many other laid-back solo travelers.

Across vast and gorgeous New Zealand, you can find everything from untamed wilderness to rich culture! Nature lovers will find inspiration in towering mountains and mist-cloaked fjords, and serenity in beautiful beaches located on quiet bays.

Here are some things that solo travelers can experience in New Zealand:

  • Some of the world’s most astoundingly stunning golf courses can be found in New Zealand. Tee off at the most spectacular The Bay of Islands and Hawke’s Bay, some of the most renowned cliff-top golf courses in the world.
  • Visit award-winning vineyards to taste delicious wines and gourmet dining. New Zealand is a food and wine lover’s paradise, with world-class vineyards stretching throughout every region.
  • For the greatest views of New Zealand’s massive mountains, volcanoes, lakes, and coastlines take a breathtaking helicopter flight.
  • Discover the unique Maori Culture. In the Northland, Auckland, Rotorua, and Canterbury regions, experience authentic Maori cuisine, culture, and wilderness adventures with private guides.
  • Enjoy the water on private sailing tours. See magnificent bays, islands, and harbors; waterways full of marine life, perfect for fishing or whale and dolphin watching.
  • Movie buffs will love visiting Hobbiton. With a guided walking tour of Hobbiton, as seen in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Trilogies, you can discover the lush meadows of the Shire in the heart of the Mighty Waikato region.

Here are some of the best places to stay in New Zealand.

  • The Grand by SkyCity
  • The Boatshed Hotel
  • Millbrook Resort
  • Bay of Many Coves Resort
  • Split Apple Retreat

Check out our itinerary for New Zealand here: Your Ultimate Two-Week New Zealand Itinerary

We’ve got your back! When you’re ready to book your next getaway, contact one of our TierOne Travel agents. They have extensive knowledge of all current events in the travel industry and will be able to craft something incredible that is suited to your unique needs and will get you to your destination as stress-free as possible.

One call; endless experiences!

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous


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