Best Adventure Vacations for Solo and Single Travelers

Best Adventure Vacations for Solo and Single Travelers

People frequently miss out on incredible travel experiences because they’re having a hard time finding a travel buddy, or they are reluctant to set out on their own. Traveling as a single person means you can explore on your own terms, go on solo adventures, and have authentic experiences without having to worry about what your travel partners want to do. You can focus on completing your own growing bucket list! 

When you’re ready to book your next solo adventure, make sure to contact your Tier One Travel Consultant so you can be sure you will never be completely alone, even while traveling solo. 

19 Best Places for Solo and Single Adventure Travelers

For many travelers, the idea of going on their first solo trip may be both liberating and intimidating. We’ve got your back with this list of 19 Best Places for Adventure Solo Travelers, as recommended by our Tier One Travel consultants. Here are some of the very best places to visit as a solo traveler! 

Central America

Costa Rica

Costa Rica amazes solo travelers with its endless opportunities for adventure, unforgettable landscapes, unique wildlife and so much more! Traveling alone in Costa Rica has its own unique charm. This region of Central America gives travelers the chance to reconnect with themselves amid the breathtaking wilderness, meet new people in the many top-notch hotels and resorts, and push their comfort zone with incredible retreats and adventures. 

Solo Adventures in Costa Rica: 

  • Get your adrenaline pumping on an exciting zipline tour
  • Explore the gorgeous landscapes on horseback
  • Go tubing along a fast-flowing river
  • Visit natural hot springs and enjoy a volcanic mud bath
  • Hike around Arenal Volcano
  • Swim beneath La Fortuna Waterfall
  • Go on hikes through rainforests and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife


Guatemala is known for its community of close-knit travelers, making it one of the best places to try solo travel in Central America and meet other like-minded solo travelers. Explore the variety of beauty that the country has to offer, from stunning lakes surrounded by coffee farms to ancient Mayan ruins; there are many adventures to have in Guatemala so be a solo traveler!

Solo Adventures in Guatemala:

  • See the wildlife of the Rio Dulce and Lake El Golfete, from howler monkeys to toucans and more
  • Relax on beautiful black sand beaches famous for sea turtle nesting sites, amazing surf breaks, and boat trips
  • Go on one of the many amazing treks around the country, there are options for every skill level, and you can even hike up volcanoes!
  • Go biking, kayaking and hiking around the Lake Atitlán area
  • Go floating through dark limestone caverns (the Candelaria caves) and tropical rainforests


It’s not always easy to travel alone in Cuba, but those who do will be well rewarded.

Cuba, a fascinating Caribbean island, is well renowned for its tobacco plantations, white sand beaches, beautiful colonial towns, and revolutionary leaders like Che Guevara. You can spend the day there sipping daiquiris, watching dolphins, hiking through rainforests, visiting historical museums, or salsa dancing with locals.

Every kind of solo traveller can find something to like in Cuba!

Learn more about Cuba in our blog: The Best Cuba Itinerary | 2022 Travel Guide

Solo Adventures in Cuba: 

  • Hike through forests to find waterfalls and natural pools you can take a dip in to cool down
  • Explore the Cuevas de Bellamar, spacious caves featuring stalactites & stalagmites
  • Go snorkeling or scuba diving to see sharks, eel, turtles, rays, and plenty of gorgeous fish!
  • Explore Vinales National Park on horseback and see beautiful views of valleys, caves, and rivers.
  • If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, try skydiving! 

United States

San Diego

San Diego is perfect for solo travelers craving some fun in the sun!

San Diego alone is a revitalizing journey. There is never a bad time to travel to San Diego, since the weather is amazing all throughout the year. Choose from one of the 70 miles of beaches to relax on or learn a new water sport like stand-up paddleboarding. You could even have a new beach adventure every day if you wanted to!

Solo Adventures in San Diego:

  • Go ocean kayaking at La Jolla Ecological Reserve.
  • Surf the coast! On the California Coast, San Diego features some of the best surf breaks and the warmest water.
  • Have your own Top Gun experience. Take to the skies on a thrilling three-hour lane ride with a trained fighter pilot.
  • Go parasailing and see amazing views and wildlife like whales, dolphins, and sea lions.
  • San Diego is a fantastic place to go hiking for breathtaking views. Every level of hiker can find a trail to suit their preferences and needs.

San Francisco

This pleasant city in California belongs on your bucket list of the top US destinations for solo travel. Must-see San Francisco attractions include the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz (you’ll want to reserve your ferry ride well in advance), and the somewhat kitschy, extremely touristy Fisherman’s Wharf – these are all must-sees on every trip to San Francisco. There are many amazing adventures to be had in this city!

Solo Adventures in San Francisco: 

  • Go on a walking tour, one of the best ways to explore the sights.
  • Rent a bike at the Bay Area Bike Share and grab a pair of wheels to explore the city in a different way.
  • Get a bird’s eye view of the city’s best landmarks on a helicopter tour.
  • Take a day trip to Yosemite National Park and take in some of Mother Nature’s best sights.
  • Thrill-seekers will love Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, with an oceanarium, wildlife park, and over 45 rides and attractions!


Hawaii is an absolutely gorgeous location to travel to that should be on every solo traveler’s bucket list! It draws people looking for life-changing trips, and it delivers. There is so much to do and see here, from enjoying the beautiful ocean with a surf lesson or snorkeling and exploring its underwater world to exploring the great outdoors on land in its stunning national parks. The islands are not only stunning but also very important historically and culturally.

Learn more about traveling solo in Hawaii in our blog: 2023 Hawaii Travel Guide for Solo Travelers

Solo Adventures in Hawaii:

  • Explore active volcanoes at the UNESCO Heritage Site, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
  • See Hawaii from a different point of view on a helicopter tour.
  • Go on a road trip! The Hāmākua Heritage Corridor scenic drive is known for its miles of water-carved gulches, lush green valleys, massive cascading waterfalls, and gorgeous seaside views. 
  • Hop on a snorkeling tour for one of the most magical experiences on the island, swimming with the manta rays along with any other amazing underwater wildlife.
  • Take a zipline experience over treetops, rivers, and waterfalls to get a new perspective on the Big Island.


Seattle, Washington, is an easy city to explore on your own. The atmosphere is upbeat, the locals are friendly, the surroundings are inspiring, and getting around is easy! In Seattle, you’ll probably notice a lot of individuals dining or engaging in other activities alone, so why not strike up a conversation?

Start your solo adventure in Seattle at the Space Needle, where you can go to the observation deck for an amazing 360-degree panorama of the city. If you enjoy the view, you might want to visit Columbia Tower’s observation deck, where you can get a close-up glimpse of the Space Needle. As you stroll down the waterfront and browse the local fare at the Pike Place Market, stop for a cup of the city’s renowned Seattle coffee at a nearby café or grab a cup to go. 

Solo Adventures in Seattle:

  • Ride a seaplane and soar above Seattle. Options include private charters, fly-and-dine experiences, and scenic flights.
  • Visit Mt. Rainier, a breathtaking natural wonder with vast glaciers, thundering waterfalls, and amazing scenery.
  • Skydive indoors with iSky. If classic skydiving seems a little too extreme for you, this is the next best thing!
  • Discover amazing, unspoiled natural landscapes while whitewater rafting. You can raft through water rapids just 60 minutes from the city!
  • With slopes open in the fall, winter, and spring, skiing is a great and accessible adventure to take.


Portland, Oregon, one of the most hospitable places in the United States for solo travelers, is a city with a laid-back feel. There are so many amazing activities you can do in the city, such as exploring Powell’s City of Books, the biggest independent bookshop in the United States, or going on a hike in Forest Park, a sizable portion of Portland’s natural preserve. You could easily spend a whole day or two visiting neighborhood art galleries and talking to the creators of art that is unique to the Portland region.

Learn more about traveling to Portland and what to do around the city in this blog: The Best Day Trips from Portland, Oregon

Solo Adventures in Portland: 

  • Hop on a bike to explore Portland. On two wheels, this city’s neighborhoods can be explored to the fullest.
  • Investigate the Shanghai Tunnels, a network of tunnels beneath the streets of the city. Taking a tour is the only way to see the tunnels.
  • Go on a hike! We recommend Columbia River Gorge, a stunning region with breathtaking landscapes, hikes, and waterfalls. Another one is hiking to ruins called The Witches Castle at Forest Park.
  • Go kayaking in the middle of downtown! You can easily rent kayaks or book a tour.
  • Take a wine tour at Willamette Valley Wineries. There are several wineries to pick from and is a must-do for wine lovers!



Everest is more than simply a mountain, and getting there requires more than a simple hike. Every turn in the trail, which some have named “the steps to heaven,” offers another opportunity for photographs of the stunning forests, Sherpa communities, glacier mountain ranges, and foothills. 

Wanting the ULTIMATE adventure? Tons of adventurers have the Everest Base Camp trek on their bucket lists. Don’t wait for someone else to do it with you! Many travel companies like G Adventures offers guided group tours to Everest Base Camp, so you will never be alone and you will likely make some lifelong friends while partaking in this incredible, once-in-a-lifetime adventure! But there are a lot of other adventures to experience in Nepal.

Solo Adventures in Nepal:

  • Go rock climbing. Nagarjuna and Khumbu Mountain are both popular spots and you can book a tour with an instructor if you’re new to the sport.
  • See the top of the world on a Mount Everest Aircraft Tour. The flight provides breathtaking views of mountains covered in snow, unique topography, a fascinating ecosystem, and seemingly, an entirely new planet.
  • Go canyoneering to explore deep canyons and enjoy an exhilarating experience that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • In Nepal, you can experience the world’s longest zipline! Other than enjoying the ride, you will be blown away by the gorgeous scenery.
  • Go bungee jumping! Bungee jumping had rapidly increased in popularity for both locals and visitors. 


The infrastructure of Japan is designed perfectly to accommodate solo travelers. With the effectiveness of its transportation networks, it is so easy for solo travelers to travel around the whole country, from visiting famous cities to seeing otherworldly scenery. The food is outstanding, the people are among the friendliest in the world, and Japan should definitely be on every solo traveler’s bucket list!

Learn more about solo traveling to Japan in this blog post: Solo Travel Tips for Japan | 2023 Travel Guide

Solo Adventures in Japan:

  • Enjoy the beautiful landscapes from the sky on a hot air balloon ride
  • In Japan, canyoning is an increasingly popular activity. Canyoning is some much fun for both kids and adults and combines climbing, swimming, trekking, and rappelling along creeks and through rock formations
  • Hike up Mount Fuji. For many international and Japanese tourists, climbing Mount Fuji is a must-do experience while in Japan
  • Head to Okinawa for fantastic diving and snorkeling spots. Clownfish, turtles, and other amazing aquatic wildlife can be found here
  • Plan a camping or glamping trip. Japan is a wonderful place for campers or anyone wishing to get away from it all because of its pleasant climate and beautiful landscapes



Spend an evening in any Dublin bar, and you’ll almost surely hear a story that will live on forever as locals tell tales and take listeners to alternate realities one pint at a time. Of all, solo travel to Ireland involves more than just celebrating independence in Dublin. While the breathtaking diversity of the local environment offers peaceful walks and lots of space for thought, the warm welcome of the Irish ensures engaging conversation.

Everyone should visit Ireland because of its breathtaking beauty, welcoming locals, great experiences, and amazing food. Ireland is a great place to vacation alone, so if you don’t have anyone to go with, don’t let that stop you! 

Solo Adventures in Ireland:

  • Visit the famous Cliffs of Moher. Get there early in the morning or later in the evening since this is the most popular activity in Ireland!
  • Go on one of the most beautiful drives on earth, Slea Head Drive. Discover old monastery beehive huts, ancient ruins, churches, and a stone monastery. The cliffs and coastal views will take your breath away.
  • Explore Ireland’s beautiful landscape on horseback.
  • Enjoy Irish beaches. These long sandy beaches are filled with activities from stand-up paddleboarding, sailing, and surfing. 
  • Go off-road driving through rivers, mud, up hills, and over obstacles. 


Iceland is a country that perfectly captures many of the reasons why traveling alone is superior to traveling with another person. This island in the North Atlantic’s surreal vibe makes it the ideal backdrop if you’re looking for some peace and quiet and time to reflect. Watching geysers and hot springs could inspire you to create something new. Iceland handles gorgeous isolation better than any other nation. In addition to being incredibly thoughtful, Icelanders are very friendly, so you can always strike up a discussion.

Not sure when you should travel to Iceland? Check out this blog post: How Many Days Do You Need in Iceland? 2023 Guide

Solo Iceland Adventure:

  • Explore the inside of a volcano. Þríhnúkagígur, a dormant volcano in western Iceland, is renowned for its huge magma chamber. It is the only accessible magma chamber on the entire planet!
  • Go chasing waterfalls. Seljalandsfoss, Gullfoss and Kirkjufellsfoss waterfalls are among the most popular and beautiful
  • Go diving or snorkeling in Silfra Fissure, the only place in the world where you can dive between two continents and is considered one of the best snorkeling spots on earth
  • Explore an All-Terrain Vehicle. Visitors will get the chance to see the Icelandic countryside like never before by taking an ATV tour. Black sand beaches, gurgling rivers, volcanic plateaus, and mountain valleys are all present and waiting to be explored
  • Go whale watching. Whale species that live around Iceland are Humpback Whales, Sperm Whales, Minke Whales, Fin Whales and even the rarer Blue whales


Portugal’s most well-known locations routinely win accolades and travel awards, and the buzz is not unjustified. The surreal splendor of Porto draws wide-eyed travelers from all over the world, while Lisbon is a backpacker’s paradise. You never know; there may even be someone there who is your soul mate! The Algarve is much more than its reputation as a low-cost vacation resort, and the remainder of the country is full of breathtaking landscapes.

Learn about the best landmarks in Portugal in our blog: These Famous Landmarks in Portugal Are a Must-See!

Solo Adventures in Portugal:

  • Zipline between two countries. The trip crosses the Guadiana River from Sanlcar de Guadiana, Spain, to Alcoutim, Portugal, where the exciting ride comes to an end
  • Portugal offers lots of options for scuba diving. Lagos in the Algarve, Peniche in central Portugal, and Ponta Delgada in the Azores are a few of the top places to travel
  • Explore the famous Benagil Caves on a kayaking tour. Kayak through the rocky Algarve coastline to discover these mysterious caves
  • Hike the Seven Hanging Valleys Trail. This is one of the most popular hikes along the coast. This 12-kilometer hike can be completed in half a day or take your time to enjoy the beaches you pass to make it a full-day trip
  • Swim in a natural hot spring on the Azorean island of São Miguel


No matter your preferred way of travel, visiting a few Greek islands is practically a requirement for all travelers. Because of this, you’ll encounter a wide range of people here, from giddy backpackers to experienced travelers, all of whom have interesting stories to share.

Each of the Greek Islands is ready to win your heart and persuade you to stay forever! The islands are so stunning, captivating, and fascinating, not to mention that they are filled with delicious food. The most populated islands, Kefalonia and Corfu, provide countless social possibilities, while Naxos and Icaria’s tranquility will appeal to more introverted travelers.

Solo Adventures in Greece:

  • Hiking! Did you know that mountains cover 80% of Greece? In fact, there are more than 40 mountain ranges that all provide breathtaking views, so hikers have many options to choose from, from inland and seaside trails
  • Explore the 11th longest coastline in the world by sea kayaking. From sea caves and limestone cliffs to ancient sites like the Temple of Poseidon, there’s so much to see from the water
  • Go skiing! Not only are Mount Parnassos, Mount Ida, Mount Pelion, and Mount Olympus legendary mountains from Greek mythology, but they are also locations for skiing and other winter activities. Some even have ocean views!
  • Go diving to shipwrecks. At Agios Stefanos Bay, take a dive into a crumbling World War II shipwreck. Because of its shallow position, this dive is doable for beginners
  • There are more than 3000 established climbing routes on the mountainous island of Kalymnos, which makes for fantastic rock climbing

South America


Peru has long attracted daring single travelers interested in the lure of exciting exploration, historic ruins,  immersive experiences, and incredible food. Peru is a popular destination for solitary travelers in South America, and it’s not hard to see why.

You’ll no doubt be awe-inspired by one of the seven wonders of the world, Machu Picchu. However, Peru is much more than these famous ruins. With access to the Amazon Rainforest, some of the best hiking on the continent, white sand beaches, and vibrant towns, Peru has something to offer every type of solo traveler! 

Learn more about traveling to Peru and seeing the iconic Machu Picchu in this blog post: The Best Time To See Machu Picchu in Peru | 2023 Travel Guide

Adventures in Peru:

  • Hike the ancient Inca Trail. A challenging four-day trek through gorgeous landscapes, with the most impressive ancient site in Peru as the destination, Machu Picchu
  • Explore the Amazon Rainforest. Traverse wetlands and jungle that is alive with wild cats, macaws, and monkeys
  • Lookout for unique sea creatures. A variety of species can be seen by taking a boat, including sea lions, Humboldt penguins, and colonies of Peruvian boobies
  • Sandboard down giant dunes! Fly down a huge sand dune is one of Huacachina’s, a tiny oasis in the southern Peruvian desert, most unique thrills
  • Take a flight over the mysterious and ancient glyphs, the Nazca Lines. More than 70 ancient glyphs of animals and other shapes are so large they can only be seen from the air


South Africa

There are so many adventures to experience in South Africa! Whether it’s climbing Table Mountain or swimming with penguins, the city of Cape Town is full of unforgettable experiences. Escape the city and hang out with wild animals in their natural habitats on a safari, go wine tasting on a beautiful vineyard in the middle of nowhere, and much more. It’s a fantastic destination for solitary travelers interested in outdoor activities and cultural exploration!

Solo Adventures in South Africa:

  • See South Africa by air. There are numerous ways to explore the country, but none is as thrilling as flying in a hot-air balloon or a helicopter
  • Go on a guided hike up Table Mountain (you can even repel down the side of the mountain!)
  • Explore the Cango Caves. Crawl into tiny crevasses and climb through tight spaces. Be astounded by the extraordinary stalactite and stalagmite formations and see prehistoric bushman paintings
  • Go shark cage diving. The greatest concentration of Great White sharks can be seen near Gansbaai, which is about a 2.5-hour drive from Cape Town. Don’t worry, shark cage diving is actually extremely safe
  • Kayak among crocodiles and hippos. There are lots of hippos and crocodiles in the KwaZulu-Natal area. Admire the scenery and take in the incredible animals that this region of South Africa has to offer


The Land of a Thousand Hills is becoming known as a sort of traveler’s paradise. There are countless exploration options and knowledgeable tour guides who are ready to highlight Rwanda’s natural beauties. Traveling around the country is very easy by car thanks to the country’s quality roads in between major cities, and Kigali, the country’s bustling capital, is quickly rising to the top of Africa’s most interesting cities. Additionally, what Rwanda is famous for, is gorillas! And who wouldn’t love hanging out with gorillas?

Solo Adventures in Rwanda:

  • Go mountain gorilla trekking! Rwanda is one of the few places on earth where you can trek to these amazing animals
  • Explore the Congo Nile Trail by bicycle. During the 3-day bike trip, you’ll pass through tiny towns, terraced farmland, lush tea fields, lakeside vistas, and small towns. There are many little inns and campgrounds for guests to stay at along the trip
  • Find Africa’s “big 5” animals—the elephant, rhino, lion, buffalo, and leopard all of which reside in Rwanda. Travelers can safari around Akagera National Park to find these animals
  • Northern Province is home to 52 caves that you can explore. The most well-known is Musanze Cave, which includes a large bat colony and a cathedral-sized main entrance
  • Wander a canopy walkway, suspended above a ravine in Nyungwe National Park’s beautiful rainforest, which offers an incredible view of the ancient treetops and wildlife

South Pacific

New Zealand 

New Zealand is regarded as one of the safest nations for solo travelers. The locals are welcoming, and it’s easy to make new friends because there are so many other laid-back solo travelers here!

Across vast and gorgeous New Zealand, you can find everything from an untamed wilderness to rich culture. Nature lovers will find inspiration in towering mountains and mist-cloaked fjords, and serenity in beautiful beaches located on quiet bays.

Check out this awesome suggested New Zealand itinerary in our blog: Your Ultimate Two-Week New Zealand Itinerary

Solo Adventures in New Zealand:

  • Go Zorbing! Climb inside a huge plastic ball and roll down a hill for unique thrills. You can find zorbing in  Rotorua, so if you’re visiting the area take advantage of this fun adventure
  • Take a leap of faith and bungee jump! Jump from bridges, climbs, rail viaducts, specially designed platforms located on cliff edges, and stadium rooftops all around the nation
  • Explore caves. Discover several fantastic caving locations across the country with the spectacular Waitomo Caves being the most famous
  • Take part in the thrill and enjoy the scenery as you tandem skydive or go solo – a truly unforgettable activity! Many places in New Zealand, including Wanaka, Queenstown, Lake Taupo, Auckland, and Bay of Plenty, provide skydiving opportunities
  • Heli-skiing is perfect for adventurers looking for pure excitement and freedom on fresh powder snow. Take a picturesque flight to the peak of the mountain and ski your way back down creating your own paths


Many people’s bucket lists include solo travel to Australia, and it is easy to see why. Perhaps the tropical temperatures, unique wildlife, carefree beach life, epic road adventures, backpacking culture, or a combination of them all have solo travelers daydreaming of an adventure to Australia.

The country is a fantastic destination for single travelers, especially first-timers because it’s welcoming, exciting, and full of opportunities to meet people. Check out our blog to see what should be on your Australia bucket list: Must-See Australia Landmarks for Your Bucket List

Solo Adventures in Australia:

  • Climb up the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Journey to the top of this famous bridge and discover stunning 360-degree views of Sydney
  • Explore the Great Barrier Reef by diving or snorkeling through the coral gardens. This UNESCO Heritage Site is made up of more than 2,900 distinct reefs, and it’s one of the best things to do in Queensland
  • Wander Australia’s National Parks. Some of the best national parks in the country include Blue Mountains National Park, Daintree Rainforest, The Grampians, and the Simpson Desert
  • Go on a 4×4 trip. You won’t be able to reach some of Australia’s most stunning locations without a little help from a 4×4 vehicle. There is a lot to discover, from massive cavernous canyons to the sweeping sand dunes of the desert
  • Visit the beautiful island state of Tasmania to immerse yourself in nature, wildlife, and delicious food. Whether you’re up for leisurely exploration or grand adventures, there’s something for everyone here

Best Adventure Travel Tour Companies For Solo Travelers

Why join an adventure travel group tour? You can enjoy the benefit of traveling “alone” but still having the security of being with a group – plus, you don’t have to worry about booking your accommodation, attractions, transport in between destinations, etc. With a group tour, it is already sorted out for you. Plus, you get the added benefit of having built-in friends who are also on your tour!

G Adventures

Are you having trouble finding a travel partner but don’t want to travel completely alone? Then come along with G Adventures if you’re ready to visit some of the most amazing places with fellow travelers, an expert tour director and local guides! 

With G Adventures, you can opt for a private room or you can choose to share a room with a fellow traveler. You won’t ever be alone if you don’t want to be! 

G Adventures small group tours are designed with solo travelers in mind, so you can skip looking for the finest routes or lodgings and concentrate on what really matters: having the time of your life.

Intrepid Travel

For more than 30 years, Intrepid Travel has been a pioneer in sustainable, experience-rich travel, guiding tourists to the most incredible locations on earth. The company’s goal is to use the joy of travel to bring about positive change. Each of the more than 1,150 trips that the organization conducts is intended to give travelers a genuine taste of new cultures. Enjoy small groups, big adventures and create lifelong memories with Intrepid.


Contiki brings together young travelers from all around the world to explore other cultures while also learning a little bit about themselves. They take care of the stressful details for you, including transportation and lodging, for more than 350 international trips, leaving you with one-of-a-kind travel experiences you couldn’t arrange on your own. Throughout your journey, Contiki’s knowledgeable Trip Managers and Local Guides will use their insider knowledge to show you the real face of the destinations you visit.

Abercrombie & Kent 

Whether you choose to go on an African safari, a tour of China, or a trip to Italy, traveling alone is an incredibly gratifying way to see the globe. This is due to the fact that traveling alone offers you the time and space to think things over, find inspiration, and take chances in a foreign setting. The good news is that single travelers who want to broaden their horizons can consider small-group travel.

Unlike other tour companies, A&K makes sure that lone travelers have the luxury of private rooms at each destination on the schedule. The best part is that you go on an adventure together with other travelers that have the same interests as you do. 

Learn more about luxury solo travel on our blog: Can Solo Travel Be Luxurious? 2022 Luxury Solo Travel Guide


Best Solo Cruises for Adventure

Another great way to have adventures as a solo traveler is to go on a cruise! Have many opportunities for adventures and see multiple destinations in one trip  -but only unpack once! Cruising might be the most convenient way to have adventures.

Embarking on a solo cruise experience is a great introduction to solo travel and a great way to step outside of your comfort zone.

Sometimes, the best vacations are the ones you take alone. Imagine not being under any obligation to accomplish anything besides what you choose to do. Eat, drink, visit museums, and enjoy some alone time relaxing on a beach…with a solo trip, the choice is completely yours, and yours alone! 

Enjoy singles events around the ship, and be free to mingle and socialize with other solo cruisers. The best part? You can do everything at your own pace when you feel like it.

Norwegian Cruise Line

You have a wide variety of options when planning your solo cruise trip with the Norwegian Cruise Line. The first cruise operator to provide public spaces and staterooms, particularly for solo travelers, was Norwegian Cruise Line. There are several opportunities to socialize with other guests on every Norwegian cruise. For those who are cruising solo, most sailings have singles meet-ups.

The Studio Lounge is a terrific place to meet other single cruisers, and the Studios are the ideal size for a solitary vacation. The Norwegian Breakaway, Norwegian Bliss, and Norwegian Epic are all equipped with solo cabins.

Read more about solo cruising on our blog: Tips for Cruising Alone | 2022 Solo Travel Guide

Solo Skiing for Winter Adventures

There’s nothing like breathing in the fresh mountain air as you race down pristine mountain sides, while also meeting like-minded people who turn into lifelong friends. If this sounds like a great winter getaway to you, why not try a solo trip to some of the best ski resorts around the world?

A favorite wintertime activity of many is going on a ski vacation, and some skiers even prefer to do it alone to fully experience the beauty of the outdoors and the rush of adrenaline, while on their own schedule. Solo ski trips can sound really daunting at first to potential solo travelers, but there are plenty of good times to be had and ski buddies to meet! If you’re looking for a winter holiday where you can be active and enjoy the snow, this might be the perfect wintertime vacation idea for you.

Read more about the best singles ski holiday options on our blog: Ski Vacations for Solo Travelers and Singles | 2022 Travel Guide


We’ve got your back! When you’re ready to book your next getaway, contact one of our TierOne Travel agents. They have extensive knowledge of all current events in the travel industry and will be able to craft something incredible that is suited to your unique needs and will get you to your destination as stress-free as possible.

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