Below the surface in Micronesia

Below the surface in Micronesia

Scattered over the Western Pacific Ocean is approximately 2,100 islands that make up stunning Micronesia.

If we were to combine all of these tiny islands together, we wouldn’t get much land mass, but what we would get, is a stunning coastline with white sandy beaches and coral reefs unlike no other.
Micronesia offers a diverse package for almost any kind of traveller. There is plenty of palm-shaded beaches, boutique luxury hotels, ample seafood and our focus for this article; world-class scuba diving.
The unspoiled landscape and pristine underwater conditions found on all of the islands, mixed with average water and air temperatures of around 21- 28 degrees Celsius, makes this a desirable exotic destination. Attracting divers from all around the world, with varying degrees of experience.
Offerings include drift dives, night dives, reef dives, wreck dives, shore dives and lots of macro and micro critter spotting for both snorkelers and divers.

So, which one of the 2,100 islands should you choose for your underwater adventure?


Palau consists of 350 islands offering huge biodiversity, including 1,300 species of fish and 800 species of coral. The reason for this abundance is Palau’s unique location. Located on at the fusing point of both the Pacific Ocean and the Philippine Sea makes for a rich environment conducive to maintaining marine life.
Most dive sites can be accessed from speedboats off the main islands. However, liveaboards are also very popular in this region. A few dives in Palau will give you a great opportunity to see some of the larger pelagic fish.

Chuuk (Truk)

Home to one of the world’s largest lagoon, also called the ‘giant lagoon” this was the logical location to harbour ships during WWII. Post-war, this left over 100 sunken ships, planes, and submarines – just in the lagoon itself! Making Chuuk the owner of the world’s densest wreck dive sites.
Visibility here often exceeds 100 feet, and with some of the shipwrecks being close to shore, there is a great opportunity on Chuuk for snorkelers to also experience the awe of the underwater world in Micronesia.
Most dive sites can be accessed by day boat and liveaboards. The outer reef is also becoming exceedingly popular for its shark sightings.


Are big fish your thing? If so, Yap is the place to be.
With its protective exterior reef and heavy currents, it’s a heaven for spotting large manta rays and sharks on a consistent basis. December through to April marks the mating season for the beautiful Mantas and the best time of year to spot them.
Night dives are also very popular on Yap and give an extremely rare opportunity to spot the famous Mandarinfish. Microspecies are also possible to spot due to the incredible, consistent visibility of over 100 feet.
Big fish and heavy currents are not everyone’s thing, and if it’s not for you, not to worry. Yap also boasts a gradual slope dive down to 30m where there is plenty of vibrant coral and beautiful reef fish to explore.

What are you waiting for?

A liveaboard or land trip to Micronesia is an undeniably memorable journey. If you enjoy being in the ocean or lounging on a palm-shaded white sandy beach, Micronesia is for you.
This pristine, untouched, unparalleled beauty may not be around forever. It would be our pleasure to assist you, in any way possible, in planning your trip. Please contact one of our trusted exotic vacation specialists here.

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