5 Travel Resolutions to Make for 2024

5 Travel Resolutions to Make for 2024



Happy New Year! We are all wishing for travel to return in 2022. If you’ve had a break or reduced your plans from traveling over these last couple of years due to the pandemic, now might be a great time to ponder what kind of traveler you hope to be. Do you want to travel as sustainably as possible? Do you wish to meet interesting people from around the world? Perhaps you hope to see more of your own backyard?

Read on to discover 5 travel resolutions to bring into your travel plans for 2023!

1. I Choose To…Travel More Environmentally-Friendly


There are so many things you can do to be a more environmentally-friendly traveler! For instance, making sure that housekeeping doesn’t change your sheets and towels every day and staying at eco-minded hotels are certainly good earth-conscious moves.

There are many steps you can take to travel more sustainably — things as simple as keeping a water bottle on hand so you use fewer disposable plastic bottles and avoiding plastic straws and Styrofoam.

Unfortunately, the carbon footprint of flying is a necessary evil, but buying offset credits is a great way to make sure your flight isn’t making as big of a negative impact. The money of the offset credits funds projects that reduce carbon emissions in many ways, like investments in renewable energy!

2. I Choose To…Make New Travel Friends


Meeting new, like-minded and interesting people is one of the best aspects of travel!

Talking to people you meet while traveling can help you with discovering hidden gems along your journey, such as locals’ favorite restaurants or day trips, which can lead to more memorable adventures.

Some of the best travel experiences will be with the people you interact with, such as in cafes, shops, on your tours, etc. As you talk to locals or other travelers, you will understand more of the world we live in.

Volunteer, take a class (cooking, dance, yoga, etc.), join groups online…there are so many different ways to meet people while traveling!

3. I Choose To…Buy Souvenirs from Local Businesses


Purchases of local goods and services by tourists, are essential to many locals’ ways of life in plenty of countries you travel to! So, seeking out local experiences, staying at homestays, hiring local guides to give back to communities, etc. are all great. ways to ensure your money is brought back into the local economy.

Choose to seek out independent hotels, locally-owned businesses, and restaurants that source ingredients from nearby suppliers. Shop at stores and markets that showcase locally-made products.

It’s no secret that local businesses have suffered from lockdowns and the lack of tourism. In the future, consider setting aside a shopping budget for trips, specifically for bringing home local souvenirs while redirecting funds to the makers, artisans, and entrepreneurs who need them!

4. I Choose To…Learn the Language


When traveling, it’s always a good idea to know a couple of key phrases of the language of the country you’re traveling to.

Of course, traveling is easier if you can communicate in the language most people in the destination are speaking. The basic remarks and gestures are a good starting point: a simple hello, please, and thank you are crucial!

If you learn about a dozen extra phrases, you can start having real conversations and find a more mutual understanding with the locals. Of course, you’ll definitely be able to learn about a destination best from the people who live there!

5. I Choose To…Explore My Own Backyard More


Choose to find local adventures, such as walking through unexplored corners of your city or visiting local museums you haven’t been to before. Staying close to home is one of the greenest forms of travel possible!

If you want to venture just a little further, consider taking a road trip a few hours away to somewhere you’ve never been before. Even a small adventure can feel like a world away!


When you’re ready to start checking more travel dreams off your bucket list, contact one of our TierOne Travel agents. They have extensive experience in life-changing travel experiences and will be able to craft something incredible that is suited to your unique needs!

One call; endless experiences!

“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous

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