5 Islands to Put On Your Bucket List

5 Islands to Put On Your Bucket List

Everyone has to dream, create bucket lists and fantasize. Then, there comes a time when we get to check those items off. So, why not live a little, right?!

Today we dive into the ultra sleek, ultra romantic and utter seclusion of luxurious island around the world.

It was a hard day trying to narrow this list down to our top 5, but here thay are in no particular order other an world class and unforgettable.

St. Barts

With romance bursting from its seams, St. Barts is the Caribbean’s most elite. Imagine streets lined with designer exclusive shopping and unique French inspired gourmet cafes.

Look towards the harbour and you will see crystal clear waters with yachts parked from all over the world. On the island there are 22 white sandy beaches to choose from, each offering their own distinctive flare.

Accommodation is abundant on the island with 70% in luxury villas and 30% in hotels (mostly 5 star). Local authorities have many restrictions on developments, keeping this island’s true to its tranquil, intimate feel.


The Maldives has grown its fame from not only it’s beautiful luxurious beaches, but also the fact that it will one day be gone. The 1000+ coral islands that make up the Maldives are slowly sinking, there is no timeline or set date but, we believe that everyone should experience this piece of paradise before it’s gone.

Surrounded by a protected coral reef the diving and snorkeling here is beyond world class and the locals are highly experience in the gin-clear waters.

The sandy shoreline is scattered with a variety of hotels, villas and resorts to choose from, all boasting levels of world class luxury standard.

Join in on some fun at the busy local fish market in Male, or soak up some ray on the countless white sand beaches. The Maldives is, and will continue to be (for an unknown amount of time) an unrivalled luxurious island.


Located off the coast of East Africa in the Indian Ocean Seychelles keeps a quiet and remote reputation. With only a few of it’s 115 island inhibited the forces of nature are still very much alive here, making it colorful masterpiece.

There is no photoshop necessary, the sand really is that white, the water that clear and the rainforest more lush that your dreams could image.

Home to the unique Giant Aldabra tortoises and Morne Seychellois National Park there is something for everyone here. You can find ultra luxury all over the islands, including a few well known names: Hilton, Four Season and Banyan, as well as lavish villas and bungalows. The ambiance is oozing romance, with gourmet seafood candle lit dinners available on a number of beaches, it’s no wonder they call this the “island of paradise”.

Bora Bora

Famous for it’s over the water bungalows, this slice of paradise located in the French Polynesia knows how to please.

It has been rated #1 Honeymoon Destination by US News & World Report and listed multiple times as a luxury island top destinations.

The island itself is tiny, at 6 miles long and 2 miles wide, but that does not stop it from offering a world of luxurious attractions and opulent accommodations. Snorkeling and diving is available right outside your doorstep, or hike inland to experience some of Bora Bora’s iconic summits.

The French Polynesia culture is still very vibrant on the island and a wonderful compliment to your relaxing, restorative Bora Bora experience.


Made up of over 333 island, Fiji has been deemed as having some of the “happiest people in the world”. With that kind of hospitality how can you not find yourself unwinding on the white sandy beaches and counting the days by the palm sways… heaven, right?!

Fiji offers a variety of accommodation and something for everyone from diving and surfing to cuisine that could dazzle the most versed foodies.

Enjoy the day on island time and luxury will find it way to you on this hospitable jewel of paradise.

If you are looking to restore, relax and revitalize luxurious islands are the way to go. Getting away from it all is sometimes a necessity. So, start building your bucket list and let us know what your top pick is for luxurious island destinations.

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