5 of the Most Unique Christmas Experiences Around the World

5 of the Most Unique Christmas Experiences Around the World

Looking for one of your most unique Christmases ever? After two years of pandemic living, who isn’t?!

Good news: the holiday season is nearly here, and you can travel and experience Christmas in a whole new way than you’re used to!

From beautiful markets to unexpected parades, Christmas is celebrated differently all around the world. If traveling during the holidays is what you love to do, consider putting some of these fun and unique events on your bucket list, for a Christmas you’ll never forget.


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Winter Wonderland Hyde Park, London

Located in the heart of London in Hyde Park, you can immerse yourself in all things festive for 6 weeks from November to January. Enjoy a wide variety of attractions, activities, entertainment, food, drinks and so much more – there’s truly something for everyone at Hyde Park!

Every December, Hyde Park lights up into an extravagant holiday festival filled with festive decorations and plenty of shopping. Over two million people from around the world come to the Winter Wonderland entertainment park where Santa Claus, an ice rink, and scrumptious holiday food awaits.

Mornings are great for families, where you can enjoy Winter Wonderland at a leisurely pace. When the evening comes around, Hyde Park is transformed by thousands of sparkling lights so grab your mulled wine, hot chocolate, or stein of Bavarian beer and join in the festive fun, for a Christmas season you’ll never forget!

Christmas Fair Budapest, Hungary

The famous Vorosmarty Square transforms into one of the most scenic Christmas venues in the world: Hungary’s Budapest Christmas Fair!

Wooden cottage stalls that line the festival grounds sell exquisite holiday gifts and festive foods. Grab a honey cookie and a mulled wine, and take a stroll down the Hungarian blocks where tradition fills the air.

At the Christmas fair in Vorosmarty Square, you will find traditional Hungarian handicrafts and lots of delicious food. Another market in Budapest close to the Vorosmarty Square market is in front of the Saint Stephens Basilica. It has an amazing atmosphere; bright, festive lights and you can take adorable pictures standing on the stairs of the basilica.

There are endless things to experience in Budapest around the holiday season, and we can’t recommend it enough!

Krampusnacht Festival, Vienna

For those who’ve behaved a little naughty this year, Krampus may be coming for you!

Originating from German legend, Krampus is a demon who doles out the coals and punishes those on the naughty list.

At the beginning of December, the people of Vienna celebrate this evil little man by dressing up as him and competing in a race. This parade soon turns into a Krampus party, complete with creepy costumes!

However, this demonic event is pretty spooky, and Austrian authorities have been contemplating banning Krampus altogether! So put this on your bucket list ASAP if you want to experience it, because you might not be able to see it again in the near future.


St Kitts – Nevis Carnival

Also known as Sugar Mas, the St Kitts Carnival marks the end of the year, and the start of a new one!

This December, the celebration lasts a full two weeks, from Christmas right through to the new year. It is the biggest festival in St Kitts!

The Caribbean colors and calypso tunes along with numerous parades, parties, and performances taking place across the island make the St Kitts Carnival the perfect place to escape the usual Christmas festivities.

There’s also the crowning of the carnival queen, the calypso contest, and the Grand Parade to watch out for. After all that, it’s just about time to collapse on the beach for some well-deserved relaxation!

Santa Claus Village, Finland


This Christmas, you can meet Santa Claus in the magical Arctic Circle at the Santa Claus Village in Rovaniemi in Lapland, Finland!

You may even have the chance to experience the beautiful Northern Lights during your visit.

This annual Santa Claus Village is done right, with a magical touch of Christmas lights, food, and festive drinks!

Santa Claus’s village is open all year round so you can take in the Christmas spirit whenever you decide to visit Finland!


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