2018 Gift ideas for travellers

2018 Gift ideas for travellers

It’s officially that time of year!

December has begun, and it’s time to start gift hunting for those special people in your life. If you have anyone on your list who loves to travel, we are here to help with our top gift ideas for travellers.
Christmas shopping can be both an exciting and confusing event. Success is when we are able to get the people on our lists gifts that they enjoy and can put to use, without having to ask them in exact detail what they want. This task can be a bit tricky. However, for people who love to travel, there are a plethora of gift ideas that are created just for their unique needs. Online shopping can be a great way to find some of the gift ideas for travellers – just be sure to purchase early to avoid postage delays.

Top gift ideas for travellers

Try the World

Try the World is a gift idea for travellers who enjoy trying food from around this world. This unique subscription box delivers a selection of gourmet foods or snacks right to your door each month.
Each box contains ingredients, drinks and recipes from around the world. The cuisine rotates through all countries. This is the perfect gift idea for anyone who enjoys exotic cuisine. Travellers will appreciate the inspiration for their next adventure or the memories that the food evokes.

Personalized luggage tag

You can’t beat a $12 personalized leather luggage tag as a great stocking stuffer for any traveller. This gift idea really displays some thought. Let that special person in your life know that you are thinking of them when they are travelling by gifting them one of these classy, useful luggage tags.

The ultimate backpack

Backpacks can have multiple uses when travelling and this backpack has seemingly unlimited features, which is how it got its name as “Life Pack.” Some of the features of this travel backpack include a 3-1 solar bank, Bluetooth speakers, laptop storage and six smartphone charges. Whoever owns this backpack will be a very popular person on the road!

Trtl travel pillow

If you have someone on your list that frequents long flights, they will be thanking you for this revolutionary travel pillow.
The Trtl travel pillow is essentially a fleece scarf with built-in support for the neck. Travellers can now get cozy onboard, without the hassle of inflating a travel pillow that doesn’t completely support the neck. Trtl neck pillow wraps to fit your neck size and height.

Saje Travel Safe

Saje has a wide range of essential oil kits for all kinds of travel aid. The Travel safe kit is a pack of essential oils for travel. These specially designed oils relieve symptoms of jet lag, and indigestion all while promoting overall wellbeing.
Essential oils are a great gift for just about everyone on your list, and Saje has a great range of products to suit all kinds of needs. However, for the travellers on your list, this pack is a top gift idea.

Outfitter Luggage – Wheelie

When travelling, you sometimes want a duffel bag (walking along sandy beaches) and sometimes a pulley bag (in the airport). Herschel has come up with the best of both worlds with the Outfitter Luggage Wheelie – a duffel bag with a retractable pull handle.
This idea is not revolutionary, but Herschel’s design is. This versatile travel bag is lightweight, durable and attractive. It’s a great gift idea for the traveller on your list.

Which gift idea will you choose for the travel lover on your list?

Just like every gift, every traveller is different. We all travel in different ways and have different needs for our adventures. In the gift ideas above we have provided a wide variety of ideas to suit the needs of the traveller on your list.
We wish you happy holiday shopping, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our experienced travel specialists at TierOne Travel.
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