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Worked with Anita

Good morning Anita. I want to thank you for arranging my recent holiday "Country Roads of Puglia and The Neapolitan" with Insight Vacations. Maggie and I had a wonderful experience from start to finish. We were completely spoiled by both our Tour Director, Anne Kennedy and our driver, Gaytano Lobo. Anne was professional and efficient and spoke fluent Italian. She was very warm and friendly and treated us like were her family. Gaytano’s driving skills were nothing short of amazing and our accommodations were first rate. We learned a lot about the places we visited and saw many wonderful sights. Some of our fellow travelers have done many tours with Insight, which says a lot about this company. I will keep this in mind when booking my next vacation adventure! Ciao! Carole

- Carole

Worked with Murray Gudmundson

Murray has been our travel agent guide across five continents . . . & we're not finished yet! Always, he's been sensitive to our travel wants & needs, prompt in providing information & responding to queries, pleasant, courteous, fun to plan with. He's knowledgeable in many travel areas & what he doesn't know, he'll find out! We've come to trust his suggestions for what we might try & what we should avoid. And he's interested, after our journey is complete, in what went well & what didn't. Recommend him as your travel agent? Absolutely we do!

- Carol & Ron - Victoria

Worked with Jack Summy

I have always been most satisfied with your work on my behalf. You are very personable, easy to get on with, do your best for me and are always readily available even when out of the country. Your intrinsic travel knowledge and the research you do regarding best flights and prices far exceeds anything I could do online and I know that the arrangements you make for me will be trouble free and straightforward. The above reasons are why I would recommend you, and I have in the past, when I hear the nightmares that people experience when trying to make their own travel arrangements and the endless problems that frequently seem to arise. I just would not consider any other way of making travel arrangements.

- Dr. Carl Hannigan

Worked with Jack Summy

Working as a Personal Assistant to an extremely busy executive in Calgary, it was a constant focus to keep abreast of his ever-changing national and global travel calendar. Fortunately for all of us in the Corporate office, there was Jack Summy! We knew that we could count on Jack to accurately re-route him and mostly with just minutes to do so. Jack had the updated itinerary in our Inbox before we’d finished speaking (which never ceased to amaze me!). Jack’s extensive knowledge of the travel industry and pleasant demeanor make him a true treasure to deal with when booking any business and personal travel. If you’re looking for someone who can have your complex itinerary to you before you’ve finished that thought, Jack’s definitely your guy!"

- Vikki B

Worked with Murray Gudmundson

Murray did the impossible after I was told by the travel agency responsible for a friend's destination wedding that they could not accommodate my friend Emily who lives in Halifax and myself, who lives in Victoria to travel together and stay for a shorter length of time at the resort due to our work requirements.
Within an hour or so of hearing our situation, Murray was able to find a reasonable quote for Emily and I to stay in the same room, keep the all-inclusive status, include all of our flights and transportation, and travel during our requested dates.
Both Emily and I were quite impressed and grateful that Murray completely understood what we were requesting and delivered exactly what we wanted. Thanks to him, Emily and I will be able to attend our good friend's wedding without sacrificing too much time away from work.

- Natalie - Victoria

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