European cities that come alive in the snow

January 02, 2018

CATEGORY: Europe Travel

European Cities

Europe is a magical place to visit. As the snow blankets the region, some cities come alive and truly sparkle throughout the winter season. Winter presents itself in very different forms throughout Europe, in the North, you may experience sunless, snow-covered days, however, in the south sunny days and snowless streets are a common seasonal trend. One common thread throughout many European cities is the magical winter ambiance created by Christmas markets, sparkling smiles, and Read more…


Learn to cook in Italy

November 28, 2017

CATEGORY: Culinary Travel, Europe Travel

Learn how to cook in Italy

When you think of a trip to Italy, food likely comes to mind. Not just any kind of cuisine but authentic, fresh, local gourmet cuisine – that only Italy can offer. So why not, learn to cook in Italy? While travelling throughout Italy one will notice that each region has it’s own culture and flavour, along with that is cuisine unique to the region. Today visitors can take a bit of that uniqueness back home with Read more…


Norway – Powered by Nature

March 21, 2017

CATEGORY: Europe Travel


Many people refer to Norway as the most beautiful place on earth, it’s earned this title from it natural wonder and Scandinavian flair. Image an adventure of the most pristine, majestic and sophisticated sort – that’s what travelling in Norway can deliver.   The culture of Norway is very diverse with a strong Viking influence. The cuisine, architecture, and ambiance is undeniably unique. Enjoy fresh fish, shellfish, cured meats and a variety of cheese with Read more…


Round up – Our favourite moments in Europe

March 14, 2017

CATEGORY: Europe Travel


Our travel specialists at TierOne Travel have the opportunity to travel to every corner of the planet, scouting out remote locations, beautiful attractions, and rich cultures to share with our clients. Europe has been a big part of our industry for years. It’s one of our favourite and most travelled destinations. When we asked our travel specialists for their favourite attractions, museums, or memories from European travels here’s what they had to say:


Europe’s most luxurious spas

March 07, 2017

CATEGORY: Europe Travel

Luxury travel

In today’s fast-paced world spa travel is emerging as a popular form of tourism. As busy individuals from all over the globe, we are recognizing the importance of slowing down and letting go. What a better way to be in the present that spending some time at a luxurious spa?! Europe has mastered the art of spa indulgence by combining Eastern traditions with modern day research, to create a unique, beneficial experience for its guests. Read more…


Traveling Europe as a solo traveler

January 17, 2017

CATEGORY: Europe Travel

solo traveler

Traveling solo is a nourishing experience for the soul. Feeding your passions, you will learn self discovery, independence and most of all a relaxation like no other. If you have travelled alone before you know what I am talking about. If not, this just might be your year to try it. As a solo traveler you have the flexibility to create (or, not create) an ideal itinerary that suits your every need. Self discovery is Read more…


Wine Holidays and More in Northern Italy

November 29, 2016

CATEGORY: Europe Travel


For centuries, writers, philosophers and artists made the lakes of North Italy their favourite escape. If you’re in Milan, take a the TreNord railway line heading to Tirano and get off at Varenna, directly on Lake Como. Today, more coveted spots at Lake Como are known for celebrity residents. Hollywood movies were shot here, too, including the Star Wars and James Bond series. Bellagio and Varenna: Beautiful Pearls on Lake Como If you’re seeking the Read more…


Popular European Destinations and the Best Times of the Year to Visit

November 15, 2016

CATEGORY: Europe Travel

Europe travel

Europe’s topography is as rich and diverse as its history and traditions. Europe’s mountains are bigger than any found in the Continental U.S. and as big as any found in Alaska. Its beaches compare to any of those found in California or Florida. Its rolling hills and plains and plateaus are post-card perfect. A land mass roughly four million square-miles in area, Europe is slightly larger than the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska). The Read more…


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